“The technical gap with Atalanta can be overcome by Aquilota fans”

The right wing of the “triple” eagle is a former pair of Spezia Atalanta. “The white shirt and the unforgettable city of Spezia

At 35, the former right side of Spice Nicolas Madonna Sprinta back in the right lane: she’s doing it in Series D In the Virtus Bergamo.

Then winger Alzano Lombanrdo came home close to ending his career.

Class ’86 is proud 96 games, 6 goals and 2 assists in the white shirtThe shirt he has worn the most in his career.

but it also Ex Atalanta Where he wore the Primavera shirt and then debuted in the first team with 8 matches and one assist.

Madonna gives an interview to her colleague Fabio Bernardini to Nation: Here are his words

double memories –At Spezia I won Serie C “Triplete” and I have great memories of people. With the gods I grew up and I came to start my participation in the first division.

unforgettable white jersey –It is impossible to forget neither Spezia nor Spezia. It has been a milestone in my career and has given me tremendous emotions. In 2012 we won the Lega Pro I Division Championship, Coppa Italia and Supercoppa di Lega Pro. A group of real men was created and it was an unforgettable season where I also scored very important goals. Double in the first leg with Trapani, the goal in Sud Tirol or the goal in Trieste. Also in the second division the following year, there was an escalation coming to play the playoffs against Modena and Avellino. My only regret is that I did not feel the joy of winning the second division in the white shirt.

DEA, FAVINI and COUNT –I grew up in Atlanta and have memories of family gods capable of making children grow up as individuals. Favigny was a teacher at that. With the black and blue team I played for six months in the Italian league on the orders of Mr. Conte.

Thiago seasoning –They played an excellent tournament: no one thought that at this point in the season they would have 33 points in the standings as well as record historic victories against Milan at the San Siro or in Naples. Spezia deserves to play again in the First Division, because they boast good football too.

Less Jasperini Density –It seems to me that Atalanta has lost a bit of sharpness, competitive anger and aggressiveness. Now I see them suffer a little bit, maybe psychologically.

of the trio –The Peak fight will be a three-way match for the ticket. Spezia at the “peak” is always dangerous for all opponents, even against the “big” he always played excellent matches. It will be an open match until the end as well as Atalanta play one-on-one on the entire field.

Feelings of “peak” –Wherever I went to play, I always talked about the feelings I had at Beko Stadium. The hole created, the participation of Curva was unique, and the pure energy vibrations of the propellers from the tunnel were observed. This was the strength of those of us who wore the white shirt. That’s why I think Aquilota fans can beat the technical gap again next Sunday. The fans of La Spezia make you go beyond the effort, and force you to leave your heart on the field. I assure you that it is not easy for the opponents!

Spezia Lazio –We hope that the missed point will not affect Spezia, otherwise the championship will be distorted. An intrusion like that could never have been wrong, the Whites weren’t really worth defeating.

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