A great shot by US Torri who formalized their new Head Coach: Alessandro Giovannetti

Enthusiasm for the ninth challenge hasn’t subsided yet likeUS Towers He returns as a hero by formalizing a hit of the ninety: Alessandro Giovanetti He will assume the role of Technical Director of Green and White for a multi-year programme. He won seventeen regional titles, sixteen regional titles, and nine national titles: these numbers make Roman Giovanniti one of the most important figures in the Italian youth volleyball. His approach is significant, because in the past he has worked with companies of caliber Volleyrò Casal De Pazzi, Kondor Catania and Fenice Roma and with technicians of caliber Luca Cristofani, Giuseppe Bosetti, Luca Pieragnoli and Sandor Kantor.

This explains the three years of courtship that sporting director Dario Tagliabue used to snatch DT from competing with the best clubs on the peninsula and bring him to the green and white court: “For a long time we have been thinking of a project to bring more growth to our company – Tagliabue explains – Alessandro Giovanniti embodies the right person to lead this multi-year plan. We have a common vision and this will only lead to renewed enthusiasm among the staff and the girls. With regard to the latter specifically, we are ready – with the help of Alessandro – to expand our structure to welcome athletes from the province and from outside the region in our guesthouses, facilitating families with problems related to distance and transportation. We have also been trying for years to help girls combine study and exercise“.

Regarding the path he intends to take, Alessandro Giovanetti Talking about “Fantastic groundwork, seeing the athlete at the center and which will serve to lay the foundations for a project that looks far ahead. Our goal is volleyball for everyone and everyone, built through play, with a preference for transmitting values ​​such as self-respect and safety with one’s means and capabilities. This can be achieved by working on each element, because only through the growth of each athlete can we work on the team, which in turn is always more than the sum of the individuals. For this reason, the concept of inclusion is fundamental to me, which includes the concept of belonging and hospitality: the group is essential to the development of an athlete, who, however, must always develop his own concept in order to receive a personal promotion. and exceed your limits. Here we come to another basic concept for me, the concept of participation, which can be read and tested in three different but simultaneous steps and moments.“.

Then he added:There is the sharing of the technical, tactical, physical and mental sports path with each individual athlete, in order to take them to the center of the project by seeking their maximum. Then, as we well know, results will come with time, patience and determination, but as I often say, will is strength, and through sacrifice the goal will be achieved. On the other hand, the word “success” comes just before the word “race” in the dictionary and sports teach us this every day. Participation is also about programming with employees and companies, in order to build a modus operandi that is applicable in all the different groups of youth, on the one hand, and on the other hand, a set of values ​​that athletes can carry with them in sport and in everyday life. Finally, we also talk about participation from the perspective of the Torri team network, because in order to expand the boundaries of our company, it is necessary to popularize knowledge and skills. I think it’s important to be in the gym during training and during matches. Having a scientific background, in the early part of my career in sports, I believed that the work of employees was equal to the sum of the parts and instead, over time, through the experiments made, I discovered that it is greater, where shared intentions lead to great goals. Teamwork allows you to increase the skills and knowledge of all members, just as it does within teams. I conclude by thanking President Nicolas Bastianello and DS Tagliabue for their wish to be in Toure and I hope that the journey we will take together will be fulfilling.“.

“Let’s join our paths – says TagliabooTo increase the company’s value towards the athletes, and open up new opportunities for growth. We are ready to welcome girls who want to join the Torri family with test training sessions“.

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