Building the Technological Academy and here is the new Higher Technical Institute

ATE is a higher technical institute of high technological specialties of the construction sector, which will train superior technicians specializing in the world of construction and in the “home system”. It targets high school and university graduates

Thursday May 5 2022 – 18:30

c.Including the operation that led to his birth Yesterday Wednesday 4 May he made his first public outing in Livorno Building the Institute of Technology Academy (ATE), a new regional training organization that aims to create professional and technical figures in the construction world.

ATE is the higher technical institute of High technological specialization for the construction sector and construction, which will train outstanding technicians specialized in the world of construction and the “house system”. It targets high school and university graduates.
Four courses organized by ITS ATE to train construction technicians, e Which will start at the end of October: “Senior Technician for the Digitization of Building Processes” (to be hosted at the Construction School in Via Piedmont in Livorno), “Architectural Renovation Technician” based in Siena, “Senior Technician of Administration del Yard” based in Pisa, “Superior Technician for Innovation” and quality housing”, based in Lucca.
The Foundation’s headquarters will be in Livorno, in the Town Hall in Barrera Garibaldi, currently awaiting renovation.

The official presentation was attended by the Adviser to Education, Training and Labor and the University of Tuscany Alessandra NardiniAnd Mayor of Livorno Luca SalvettiLabor Adviser of the Municipality of Livorno Gianfranco SimonciniAnd Christina Greco The Ministry of Education , Stefano Frangerini And Marco Jonesrespectively President and Director of ATE, Alessandro TuranoDirector of the Buontalenti Institute who will be responsible, as the leader of the new training reality, for the certification at the end of the two-year course.

“This inauguration – announced the mayor Luca Salvetti – It’s a lane we’ve been waiting anxiously for, it’s an access point but also a starting point. Livorno needs news and new options. In this sense, the opening of the Higher Technical Institute and the choice of Livorno to create a course of this kind is in our favor and proud of us.”

“We have come to the beginning of a very important path, not to the end – said the Work and Training Counselor Gianfranco Simoncini – which in the next few years will allow us to provide hundreds of students, upon graduation, the opportunity to acquire new skills, a new postgraduate degree that can be spent in an important sector such as the construction sector. Thus, we greatly enrich the educational offer of our region, because ITS are regional tools, and obviously for our city also because we are candidates and we are the representative and training center of this institute, which will later be an institute that will immediately become operational throughout the region. ”
“It is a fact – Simoncini added – we wanted it so badly as a district, starting with the idea of ​​the National Association of Building Builders. The local training schedule, this tool that we introduced ourselves with the Salveti Council, immediately began to consider this possibility, and also try to gather data that would catalyze the opportunity , and immediately finding great availability on the part of Councilor Nardini. It is easy to say the reason for this opportunity: construction is a sector that is undergoing an important transformation phase, in fact, in the past two years, thanks to a series of stimulus measures implemented by governments, it has registered a recovery in terms of turnover Employment and in terms of employment However, the recovery is not only related to incentives but also to the fact that, as a country system, we need a strong restructuring, redevelopment and restoration of building stock and this requires an investment in training for both those already working in the sector but also and above all New professional figures who have to enter the labor market and construction.”

The value of the Higher Art Institutes was emphasized by the Tuscany Formation Counsellor Alessandra Nardini: “We strongly believe in intelligent transportation systems – commented consultant Nardini -, they are an important training part to overcome this mismatch, this imbalance between supply and demand for work that still exists in our country today. With ITS we provide an answer to the training needs of companies, ensuring opportunities Very good for entering the world of work for girls and boys who complete these paths.”
“There is a strong investment in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) also at the national level, thanks to the significant resources of the PNRR which we hope will soon reach our territory – he concluded – compared to the planning of the new European funds for seven years, which is then expected to be a significant share in favor of Intelligent Transportation Systems, a tool that in recent years has achieved excellent results, because more than 80% of girls and boys who leave these routes manage to enter the world of work and more than 90% of them do so in a manner consistent with the course they followed.”

For a more in-depth knowledge of the new academy, it is possible to visit its website at the following address:

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