De Beers Tracr launched globally

De Beersthe first group in the world in the field of DiamondHe launched his project on blockchain Especially, in an effort we can consider a lot Importance to section a lot of SeriesIn addition to the ability to track products offered in the market.

is called Tuckerhas some interesting technological characteristics and indicates, in our opinion, also what are the possible developments of section For large groups Spreadwhich sometimes prefer to develop their own technologies rather than relying on existing ones.

De Beers launched Tracr, a diamond chain tracking system

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De Beers Tracr launched: a blockchain for total traceability of its diamonds

Application blockchain Certainly private, which will work but in section where it is probably more necessary than anywhere else. In fact, we are talking about a complex world of Diamondwhere there are always traceability issues and where this theme intersects with the authenticity of the stones and also with environmental and humanitarian issues.

A sector that has also been scrutinized by various international organizations for some time, with De Beers Which, as a semi-monopoly, was clearly the main target of criticism. De Beers who nevertheless tries to overcome this kind of Obstacles In the world of blockchain, in one of the most classic applications of this technology, which is the possibility of traceability of products. is called tracker It will have different levels of permission and privacy and will allow customers to keep track of the stones they have purchased from extraction to sale in the jewelry store.

De Beers discover diamonds with its partners in Botswana, Canada, South Africa and Namibia, and with our long-term investment in Tracr, we are proud to offer consistent traceability to our extensive industry. Tracr will allow you to see information about the origin of the diamond right up to the store, it will improve confidence in the natural diamond sector and will be the first step in the technological transformation of the industry, as well as showing what our company can do to give more information to customers.

This is a comment Executive Director from the group, Bruce Cleverspecifically on the occasion of the large-scale launch of the project, which aims to revolutionize the way clients relate to the diamond industry.

Curious technological solution

Instead of the fact that De Beers I decided to Transfer Within an unknown sector and outside its competences without relying on many companies that provide solutions of this kind.

A situation similar to what we have already seen Prada, LVHM and Cartier Fashionalso using their own blockchain without wanting to rely on it Technologies Previously advanced And hard. The choice shows how, though announce Transparency and horizontality, brands of this level still have an absolute need to control the information infrastructure that surrounds them.

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