Energy Communities, in Abruzzo Clean Energy Act and Save in Billing

Energy Communities, the Abruzzo Act looks to the future for clean energy production.

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Abruzzo also has a law for Creating Energy Communities: The doors are open, therefore, to the energy of the future, with significant savings in billing for users. Every mother Francesco Tagliari, Regional advisor.
“Abruzzo finally owns one The Creation of Energy Communities Through the Action of the 5 Star Movement Act. The adopted text is, in fact, the result of the union between Presented by M5S Regional Advisor Francesco Taglieriand the Subsequent DGR No. 297. “The law got the approval of the entire council and made a real law Energy revolution for our lands. Shared energy for everyone – Explains Tagliari – Abruzzo finally has a useful tool which is a Fighting the energy crisis Who invests the whole country, encourages production and consumption clean renewable energies It is good for the environment and the pockets of the people of Abruzzo. With the issuance of the legislative decree implementing the European RED II directive, which increases the power of the terminals and the size of the CER configurations, We have a structural solution to cut costs in the bill and aim for energy democratization“.

with this standard The Abruzzo region will have to provide the regulatory tools to encourage the creation of models from below that allow small regional regions to rethink the management of their needsAnd Promote energy self-sufficiency and reduce costs for community members.
Thus, citizens will be both producers and consumers, achieving self-sufficiency and, last but not least, Big savings on every bill of community members.
In order to encourage the exchange of clean energy between individuals belonging to society, through the management of energy sources and the distribution of energy produced without profit, It is established in the text that the municipalities will be the subjects that will be entrusted with the task of the proposal, by preparing memoranda of understanding. – What public and private entities can join – Create an energy community. This is because it is considered strategic that the public entity is the promoter of initiatives aimed at testing and demonstrating the technical and economic feasibility of the proposed actions, thus activating the supply chain processes that make it possible to attract other public and private entities, to implement the appropriate tools for smart society.

Instead, it will be up to regional council, With appropriate measures, Define MOUs to be adopted by municipalities for the purpose of establishing one or more Energy Communities And Prepare guidelines that define requirements for individuals who can participate and ways to manage energy resources within communities and distribute energy produced without profit.
“Like 5 star movement – Tagliari concludes – We’ve always been encouraging self-production kitsFor the birth of the first energy societies in our country and to educate citizens about these opportunities. Our commitment continues and now Abruzzo is finally taking a step forward towards an energy model that is closer to the needs of the regions and puts citizens on the grid, making them champions of their future.”

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“I am very happy that the Regional Council has unanimously approved the Regional Energy Communities Act,” says the Regional Energy Adviser, author of the law, Nicola Campitelli Which continues: “This law is a summary of the long and complex work of this Council and of the entire Regional Council that aims to support and promote the birth of energy communities in the region, with the aim of protecting the environment and socioeconomic cohesion and developing the territory “and confirms:” Another important aspect of this law is the preference for self-consumption of energy Produced renewable, with an environmental and economic return, with lower cost bills. For the citizens of Abruzzo “Campitelli adds: “We are among the first in Italy to legislate in this sense, because we want a country that is less dependent on others, with an active role for the consumer” and comments: “The question of Renewable energies, and strategies for their promotion, are among the priorities of this Council, in fact, we have also devoted extensive space to the programming of European resources, both to the ERDF and to the PNRR. Abruzzo is at the forefront when it comes to energy “.

“Today we unanimously approved in the Regional Council the Consolidated Text of Bills on Interventions to Promote Self-Consumers of Renewable Energy Groups and Renewable Energy Communities.” announce it Manuel MarkovicchioChairman of the Second Council Committee “Region, Environment and Infrastructure” on the sidelines of today’s session. “This is – explains the advisor of Valore è Abruzzo – a strategic and at the same time a priority measure in the activity of the Second Committee, which will allow the creation of groups composed of public and private subjects joined together for the production, accumulation and consumption of renewable energy for the purpose of self-consumption, as well as for the production of sustainable measures for the Territory, promoting forms of Efficiency, reducing power withdrawals from the grid, and increasing the participation of local authorities in managing the water field.”

Work on the regional council.

In the course of today’s work in the Regional Council, the interrogations Carrying the “Regional Public Heritage of the town of Castel di Sangro” and “initiatives aimed at supporting and relaunching the ski lifts in Prati di Tivo” while other political documents on the agenda will be examined in the next session. At a later time, Consolidated text of bills no. 184/2021 and 191/2021: “Regional Interventions to Strengthen Renewable Energy Autonomous Consumer Groups and Renewable Energy Communities.” The law aims to promote the creation of energy communities in the territory of the region in order to overcome the use of oil and its derivatives, and to spread the production and exchange of energy generated from renewable sources, as well as new forms of efficiency. Energy consumption. The main goal is to promote self-consumption, increase domestic energy consumption and reduce energy costs for citizens and businesses. The ruling also identifies municipalities as subjects who will have to take responsibility for proposing a constitution for the energy communities, by preparing memoranda of understanding to which public and private subjects can adhere. Administrative ruling no. 52/2022: Budget 2022/2024 – 2022 – Change in allocation between expenditure sections belonging to various missions, programs and college groupings; The Regional Council then took note of the conclusion of the periodic review of the reports of the Council’s groups for the year 2021 by the Audit Bureau (Administrative Judgment No. 53/2022). The Legislative Council rejected the following decisions: “Implementation of a regional schedule in order to restore the state forestry authority – (registered under Article 158, paragraph 4, of the Bylaws)”; “Creation of a discussion table on interventions for the modernization of the railway link between Rome and Pescara”; “Stability of precarious workers in the health sector”; “Resources for health worker recruitment and salary adjustments”; “Decision on the immediate recovery of resources for new construction and reorganization of the Sulmona OP”. Discussion of the decision “recovering the funds for the Loreto-Pen master plan also known as Marie Monti” has been postponed.

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