International Monetary Fund Attacks Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies | The embargo is imposed on Argentina…

The International Monetary Fund He had no intention of leaving her. And he doesn’t seem to have any intention of stopping either bully Countries that have decided, in full autonomy, to open up to a world Bitcoin Based on encryption.

During the week approaching lockdown, they became victims of the arrows (and arrogance) of the powerful international body as well Argentina And Central African Republicalbeit in completely different contexts.

The IMF remains the leader of mandatory bullying

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The IMF at full speed against Bitcoin

For those who follow every day This shouldn’t be new. One of the most powerful institutions in the world, and International Monetary Fundfails to accept that some countries decide to accept it themselves Bitcoinsee case Central African Republicor simply leave their citizens alone who want to buy BTC dollars Or other cryptocurrencies, as in the case of Argentina.

Who, as he writes, has some white hair already familiar tissue papers coming from International Monetary FundWords on paper have great resonance and are capable of destabilizing the governments of economically dependent countries. However, never before have we seen a barrage of this caliber, beginning with the halter agreement that was signed Buenos Aires With a gun, albeit cash, to his temple. But let’s go in order.

If you want IMF money, get in the way of crypto

This is the summary of the agreement that will allowArgentina To get another bridge loan to avoid another default. The loan that will come from International Monetary Fund Provided that the State impedes, as far as possible, the use of Cryptocurrency And Bitcoin. Which already had almost immediate repercussions.

there Argentine Central Bank In fact it has already been banned Banks To allow its customers to buy directly Crypto assets. justification? again mantra it International Monetary Fund Long: safety and stability. All this in a country that has neither one nor the other that, without another bridge loan, would have headed for another bankruptcy.

To take by the throat, and not in the sense of delicacies, the country in which the population, to escape the ever-doubling inflation, began to look to the world of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. With Even the municipality of Buenos Aires is ready to accept them to pay local taxes.

The International Monetary Fund is also concerned about the Central African Republic

A country with almost no economic influence, among the most poor in the worldwhich in Bitcoin saw an opportunity to escape from the yoke Central African CFA Francat wedge with the ‘euro Which requires the state to submit to monetary policies that are not its own.

again reaction International Monetary Fund It wasn’t long before he confirmed his deep concern for the future of this experiment. A little like it happened El Salvador, the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin As legal tender currency.

What exactly is the IMF afraid of?

We will let our readers answer this question, even if we have an idea, which we will develop in the following chapters of this question war We’ve already done that.

What is certain is that it remains somewhat funny diligence With International Monetary Fundin front of countries with economies destroyed I decided to Transfer Only now with these calls for stability. Where were they when he wasArgentina Failing for the umpteenth time, reduce the large number of innocent citizens to the streets?

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