LIVE TMW – Venice, Sonsen: “The team is alive, we want to make our fans happy”

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17.45 – against Salernitana for Venice It reached its tenth defeat in a row, in a negative episode that did not seem to have an end. In a few minutes Mr. Andrea will be at the press conference Sunsin He will present Sunday’s game against Bologna, the day he can already reach, based on the results of others, the sporting relegation of the Lions. Follow the live text on

17.52 – The press conference begins.

Splits after Salerno?
“There are no splits, we’ve definitely got Vaca back, Ebuehi is behind despite being one of the two teams a bit late, so he won’t be in the match. The giveaway has been 100% refunded.”

How did you recover after Salerno? I came out very depressed:
“We have tried to recharge ourselves physically and emotionally, because a home game is waiting for us where we have to be proud and we still have to try everything to cheer up our fans. Then if there is something that pays from the heart, those come out, the goal is.”

About Salerno’s choices, can you explain what prompted you to fire Peretz?
“As I said from the first moment to the boys too, we are trying to find resources from everyone, the role has presented something from the standpoint of the situation and the approach, so it is called into question like many others. These moments here are not just counting tactical situations, it is a matter of becoming relative, in These stages of the championship, there are other aspects that are also important, which is the desire to sacrifice oneself and scrape the bottom with those who provide the few or many resources that you can give the team.”

TMW – Nani and Cousans?
“It is up to them to prove that they deserve space, there is a need for people who, regardless of the rating, give everything, for too long Penzo has not seen any victory. Certainly we are talking about good players, maybe we all expected that they could give more, and I Here to assess them also when they feel they can be useful to the cause.”

How did you see the team on Thursday?
“It was a good start, Salernitana’s goal came from a passing ring, although we tried to maintain possession, but we didn’t go vertical like you asked, also thanks to the opponents. We played the game we had to do, we missed it.. Maybe a little bit of guts.” He appears at times in the second half. Courage does not depend on schemes and units, we have shown it at times even against Juventus.”

Are you already planning for the future? In the last three, perhaps with the clearest mind could you see something different?
“As for the future, it’s tomorrow, it’s a match against Bologna, where we must show pride and will regardless of the table. Those who do this work are also driven by passion, which drives all the people who follow us, tomorrow they will need pride. After my arrival I saw a team that tried To have their say against Juventus and against Salernitana, who are the best in the league. The desire is there, I saw a live team and we have this. You have to continue until the last second, first and foremost for the fans.”

What do you expect Benzo?
“In these moments, we can expect a disappointing environment, and it is up to us to turn the disappointment into something else, we have to draw the audience, and then that will play its part. But after this negative period, it is up to us to re-appreciate what we are doing.”

Tomorrow there will be the return of Mihajlovic, Bologna in the past few matches is an example of a proud team:
“I think that Mihajlovic is an example of pride, dignity, courage and confidence. What we are trying to convey a little bit. The proof lies in what he has been able to convey to his players from a mental point of view. Bologna is organized, we know it will be difficult, but we have to put in a great performance, highlighting our qualities.”

Tomorrow’s picks:
“I made some evaluations in these two days, the team expressed itself well, regardless of the interpreters in the middle of the field, who in any case changed the interpretation of the match. But in the two matches played, the team responded positively, regardless of the result, We technicians don’t just look at that.”

18.10 – Closing of the press conference.

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