Sony and Theta release “NFT 3D”

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The Irreplaceable icons (NFT) They have become Three-dimensional And Sony You want to be the company that takes them to a new dimension.

In a joint press release with Cryptonews.comthe company’s partner in its initiative, a blockchain network operator in South Korea theta laboratories (theta)he said, that the new 3D NFTs are designed for use with spatial reality display From Sony, a display unit with a high-speed vision sensor, which tracks the user’s eye movements to create 3D based on the position of the eye. The device does not use goggles or other eye-related accessories.

The device went on sale in late 2020 and retails for around $5,000 USD.

Theta explained that in an initial “experimental project”, the parties would propose a scenario in which NFTs “that represent any digital object, avatar or collectible in the world can be displayed in the form of 3D mixed reality without glasses.”

The South Korean company said the move would bring “a new reality and physical presence to Metaverse”.

The project will include “Theta-powered” NFT: ten copies of a code called “The Tiki Guy”. The Sony link stems from the fact that these 10 codes will allow owners with US shipping addresses to redeem a Sony Spatial Reality Display.

The design of the NFTs is a nod to Tiki masks that originated in Polynesian and ancient Hawaiian cultures: hand-carved wooden masks representing deities and meant to ward off evil spirits.

Theta claimed it was spatial reality display Sony will provide a “whoa, kid” experience for NFTs and “present NFTs and virtual experiences in a whole new way.”

Theta added that the mask-shaped NFTs will be designed to “display the capabilities of Sony’s next generation spatial reality display” and will allow “collectors” to view their “digital metaverse assets” in what the company describes as a “true 3D accessory-free method.”

For those without access to 3D display units, the company said that “users will also be able to purchase 2D versions to view on traditional displays.”

Theta added that this collaboration would allow NFTs “that represent any digital object, avatar or collectible in the world” to be “displayed in a glasses-free 3D mixed reality form”, helping “bring a new reality and physical presence to the metaverse.” “.

Meanwhile, Sony was quoted as saying the NFT project was “just the latest way” to demonstrate its “rapid adoption of metaverse-compatible technology.”

Sony’s music and entertainment industry has previously been active on the NFT front, with links ranging from the release of the “Baby Shark” icon with South Korean viral video creator Pinkfong to NFT related “Spider-Man”. Last month, both Sony and rival Universal announced a partnership with Snowcrash, the NFT trading platform of veteran rock star Bob Dylan.

Meanwhile, Theta partnered with Samsung’s smartphone manufacturing team in February of this year to launch a batch of NFT digital collectibles at the launch of two new Samsung smartphones, the Galaxy S22 and Tab S8. Customers who pre-ordered and pre-ordered devices in South Korea were granted access to commemorative NFTs.


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