Top 5 Cryptocurrencies of 2022! Invest now!

Cryptocurrencies are not currently reacting well in the markets with a general downtrend also caused by the recent decisions they made US Central Bank (Fed) To raise interest rates on bonds.

In fact, if the Fed’s actions are of particular importance, it is also due to in United States of America Much of the market capital invested in crypto-assets is concentrated, and almost all Western central banks have chosen to raise interest rates on bonds; It is actually a practice that was carried out in order to protect Legal Bidding Coins from inflation.

Despite the dark period for the world cipher This stage might just be a good time to buy and do business with crypto assets as the value of the cryptocurrency drops. But the difficulty, if you have no experience lies in choosing Code Which cryptocurrency to buy.

The Bitcoin They are definitely the undisputed kings of digital tokens, yet their value per unit is so high, even with the fluctuations of the situation, that they are now opening themselves up more to large and long-term investments, they practically store of value like them. The time has passed when it was enough to bet a few dozen or hundreds of euros on Bitcoin in the hope that you would get rich in a short time.

For the purposes of trading or long-term holding, there are many Alt currency Alternatives to Bitcoins, first of all we are talking about digital currencies that are recently in the market, but are backed by a valid and robust project, and therefore the unit price is currently still low or in no way comparable to the price of Bitcoins and therefore also lends itself to investments with capital Smaller and for short or medium term returns.

Crypto Queen since 2017: Binance (BNB)

Let’s start with a cryptocurrency that is not very cheap, but despite this it is still in its infancy: Binance (BNB).

It is the original cryptocurrency of Blockchain Smart Binance Serieswhich is also used to pay commissions on the network every time you exchange a token that uses the same platform.

Single BNBs Cryptocurrency With extraordinary potential because it supports a gigantic ecosystem, namely open source blockchain Binance Smart Chain, which thanks to reduced fees compared to competitors like Ethereum, has become one of the most popular platforms for creating new digital currencies, NFT mints and even metavers.

The BNB appeared on the market in 2017 When it can be bought at 0.10 cents a unit, today 1 BNB = 357 euros, CoinMarketCap estimates the market capitalization at €58,725,014,185.

The maximum BNB supply is 165,116,760 tokens, with 163,276,975 BNB currently in circulation.

BNB can be bought on major exchanges, decentralized PancakeSwap (DEX) and central exchanges (CEX) Binance, of course, FTX, MEXC, Bybit.

A star among cryptocurrencies: Solana (SOL)

Another cryptocurrency not to be missed is Solana (SOL) And also in this case we come across a useful homophone Blockchain code.

Solana is currently presenting itself as a platform

Open source that does not use the . extension Proof of Work (PoW) As a transaction verification protocol not even a file Proof of Stake (PoS), But starting with the latter is a hybrid protocol called Proof of Date (PoH). Currently, Solana represents one of the Blockchain with the highest level of environmental sustainability, with low fees and good scalability.

Solana’s market capitalization is €26,074,183,969, with the unit price recorded today being €77 The current supply is 334,349,101 sols. The cryptocurrency is listed on major exchanges, including Binance and Coinbase.

The mechanism that governs the operation of the validation protocol Proof of History (PoH) In a video posted on the official YouTube channel of Team Solana:

LUNA, a cryptocurrency that comes from “Earth”

Another cryptocurrency that has already proven its potential is moon, An original digital currency in the blockchain called “Earth”.

It is a platform to which another type of cryptocurrency, lo . belongs TerraUSD مستقرة stablecoin, any currency pegged to the US dollar and is a security asset for it. keep Earth’s blockchain It is based on a balance between two cryptocurrencies, i.e. LUNA and TerraUSD, with the first being used to mint more stablecoins.

To understand the growth potential Cryptocurrency LUNA You just have to look at the trend of prices in the markets. LUNA was priced on the market since January 2021 at $0.64 per unit listing at that time, just over 1 year later. Moon = 70 euros. As for the market value, it amounts to 26,027,060,620 euros.

Recently, Blockchain Terra has also begun to make its way into the realm of NFTs and metaverses, with the birth of Tera Metaverse. There is no doubt that the LUNA cryptocurrency will also benefit from this broadening of horizons, which will serve as a useful token for these ecosystems. However, it is one of the digital currencies with the highest growth potential due to the amazing ecosystem it supports.

Polygon (MATIC): A digital currency waiting to explode

ribbed It is an Ethereum side-chain created to solve the scalability issues of the latter that has its own utility code: matic.

The popularity of this cryptocurrency has grown a lot in 2021 as the platform has become so popular for NFT minting that it is an alternative to Ethereum without the commission costs called “gas fees” on transactions. for example, open sea The NFT exchange with the largest trading volume in a long time, it instead allows the minting of a non-rollable token with a choice of Polygon or Ethereum.

However, Polygon relies on Ethereum, its main chain, and MATIC should also benefit from the revolutions that its native platform will implement by July, with the transition from proof of work in proof of stake.

Unit price for MATIC (Polygon) is 1.00 EUR On May 7, 2022 when there is a market capitalization of €7,741,062,728.

Watch out for Ethereum (ETH), revolution will happen by July

If talking about Ethereum Here it may seem paradoxical, since this cryptocurrency is a Bitcoin competitor par excellence and does not need much presentation, we would like to devote some space to it because the entire Blockchain is about to face an important revolution.

In fact, by July, the network will change the transaction verification protocol that will pass to proof of stake, which has low maintenance costs, as it does not depend on energy-intensive processes such as proof of work Used by Blockchain so far.

This should solve one of the great limitations of Ethereum which is the file gas fee, Or the high commissions that drive more and more developers to create their own cryptocurrencies and coins NFT using competitors.

This big change, which will happen by July, should also lead to a rise in Cryptocurrency Its home is the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

Ethereum has an unlimited supply of tokens, but with a maximum limit of 18 million to be able to “Currency” every year.

1 ETH Currently value €2551 per unit and has a market capitalization of €308,774,908,812, which is second only to Bitcoin.

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