A researcher in Piacenza selected among the finalists for the “GiovedìScienza” Prize

Piacenza is one of the finalists for the GiovedìScienza National Prize, the scientific competition, organized by CentroScienza Onlus, which highlights every year the work of young Italian researchers who, through their activities, contribute to the development and innovation of our country. 60 applications for the 2022 edition were received, 31 female and 29 female researchers from the main Italian universities and research centers. 109 judges evaluated the candidates and shortlisted ten contestants on the basis of scientific merit.

Among them is also Piacenza Elisabetta Achille, a permanent researcher in the field of physical chemistry at the RSESpA, Piacenza office, with her research “Atomic vision of a sustainable future”. His study aims to exploit X-rays to understand the distances between atoms. On May 24, at Carlo Alberto College in Turin, Elisabetta and the other researchers in the final will be asked to tell their project in just over 6 minutes, in an effort to make it straightforward and accessible to everyone. To judge the interventions, a technical jury, made up of 5 experts in scientific communication, and a popular jury, made up of 5 classes of secondary schools. The winner is expected to receive a cash prize of €5,000 and the opportunity to tell the GiovedìScienza audience through a dedicated conference at the 2022/2023 edition.

In addition to the GiovedìScienza Prize, 3 cash prizes of €3,000 each will be awarded: The Elena Benaduce Special Prize awarded by the People’s Jury and dedicated to research work that stands out for its implications for people’s well-being and quality of life. The GiovedìScienza Futuro Prize, intended for researchers who present – in addition to the scientific project – a feasibility study and the Industry 4.0 Prize, aimed at candidates who, in addition to the scientific project, have also developed a project proposal included in this field. The award was born in 2011 to encourage research champions to communicate science, providing them with the resources and tools to publish their research. Eleven editions included 619 candidates with their research, 306 female researchers, and 313 female researchers.

The ten finalists for 2022 are::

1. Elisabetta Achille
Energy system research – RSESpA office Piacenza

2. Stefano Sinti
University of Naples Federico II – Department of Pharmacy

3. Eleonora Konka
Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute in Piedmont, Liguria, Aosta Valley

4. Lorenzo degli Esposit
National Research Council of Faenza – ISTEC Institute of Science and Technology of Ceramic Materials

5. Alessio Deso
Headquarters of the National Research Council in Sesto Fiorentino – ICCOM Institute for Chemistry of Organometallic Compounds

6. Michel de Ostuni
University of Bologna – Department of Agro-Food Science and Technology

7. Lucia Gigli
University of Florence – CERM – Magnetic Resonance Center

8. Leonardo Lupuri
Scuola Normale Superiore from Pisa

9. Ariana Minardi
University of Padua – Department of Neuroscience

10. Alberto Sugari
University of Turin – Department of Oncology

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