Attack on Terra Luna and FSO | What’s going on and why (don’t) care

Full style attack – or so he seems to see the colossal volumes of UST Who left the protocol and tried to push depeg What is that? stablecoin Algorithmic reference to a scientist Earth’s moon.

An assault that, at least at the time of writing our analysis this Sunday, appears to have failed, leaving behind somewhat disastrous consequences. Luna Dollars In particular and in general also in relation to the world of cryptography.

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Terra Luna is under attack: This is what happened

Almost yesterday, significant mobilizations of capital began, which for a few hours even led to a depegThis is the separation of the value of UST for the dollar, then immediately returned at least at the time of writing, withflow Which also seems to be continuing, also thanks to a kind of panic that has developed. The outflow which took, however, smaller proportions.

It’s all seasoned with conspiracy theories and power statements by employees Earth’s moonwhich would have at least the ideal purpose of to report Calm in the markets. It seems that the worst, at least for the time being, is past us, although there is a topic perhaps worth talking about, as well as to understand whether Luna Dollarsjust above $60we can consider the presence of a file lower or less.

Thus from the price per Earth’s moon Which may be cheaper than it looks. In general we talk about a maximum depeg At this point it was about 8 per thousand. In our opinion, the amount is more than acceptable (even if each person has to make his own considerations, also taking into account the risks that he wants to take).

coordinated attack? It is completely irrelevant

Let’s start by clarifying one side of the question. Someone is talking about coordinated attackgiven that within a few seconds in between curves And Binance They almost saw pranks 300 million dollars from USTShort term Luna Dollars And other elements that make us think of something unnatural.

But why do we say that it doesn’t matter whether they are coordinated attacks or not? Because a strong protocol must necessarily hold, not only in cases normal statebut also people who are at greater risk perhaps from those who try smash the game for his own benefit.

We live in a world where we saw national coins of a certain thickness, we think pound sterling pound And the old woman Italian LiraThey end up in the crosshairs of speculators. Not to mention whether it made sense to claim some kind of immunity for UST And blame any bad guys who try to get rid of everything because of the failure.

The fact that she quickly returned to almost complete peg mode, despite sales Importance Perhaps this is a good sign, and perhaps this should be looked at rather than desperately searching for conspiracies to make the project fail. The project, we repeat again, has a reason to exist if and only if it is able to overcome these moments.

Attractive price on Terra Luna

price Luna Dollarswho lost it during 10% On the 24th and at the time of this writing he was there 64 dollars. A price that will be interesting to many, since the token has only been trading at such a high level for some time $ 100. If the saying is true that it is better to buy when there is (metaphorically) blood on the streets, then this may be the opportunity that everyone has been waiting for.

We all hope next week in the markets will be a little calmer, which could represent a recovery in a sector, such as the stock sector, that pays a fairly high price.

Bank Run & Death Spiral: My Moment Fears

This is the possibility that there will be a race to “change” themselves UST Not leaving a proverbial match at hand – and the probability that it will be triggered vortex of death.

We also spoke with Paolo Arduino about Stablecoin Algoritmici

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this kind of discussion about Earth’s moon and his arithmetic stablecoin. This time too, at least with the stuff we have right now, that doesn’t seem to be the case – and those who want to see the crypto world (and Tera Luna) burn to ash, will have to wait next time.

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