F1 – GP Miami 2022 / Mercedes: W13 remains a technical mystery

F1 Half stirred. After a Friday, a glimmer of hope (read here) was lit, on Saturday from mercedes It had the effect of a thunderous fall. Since the third free session, there have been signs of a potentially difficult day. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, even though they did a certain job of finding the time (read more), they closed the session in the back. The hot comments weren’t encouraging and they all went in the same direction: with some small changes in setup and tracking conditions (17 . curve She reappeared in a hurry and for the good and the better, nd), The W13 He reacted by drastically changing his behavior.

In qualifying, things went a little better. at least for Lewis Hamilton Who finished in sixth place accepted by a large margin up George Russell Who, due to a series of mistakes – to him and his short wall – did not pass into a trap Q 2. Although, throughout the qualifying round, talent Kings Lynn He never felt like he could stand up to his mate in the garage.

Lewis Hamilton “jumps” on the outskirts of the Miami International Autodrome

F1 – Mercedes W13: a very sensitive car

After the two free practice sessions we said so: Beware the W13 revival. Special conditions presented by the new track developed a draft Mike Elliott In a position to adapt better and ahead of the competition that, by analyzing the data at night between Friday and Saturday, produced efficient structures that once again widened the performance gap. However, it seemed clear enough that the men mercedes I paid a little more for assignments power unit To test “under pressure” pneumatic modifications provided a you love Me.

We went through two difficult sessions after optimism on Friday– He said Andrew Shovlin, Mercedes Automotive EngineerFor some reason, we’ve been lacking in the back fist all day long. This resulted in an unpredictable car for drivers. We made some changes during qualifying to try to improve balance and rebound, but it became a problem: the rear end started to slip as the tires warmed up later.“.

George Russell, Mercedes-AMG F1

right Now – keep technical We must make the most of the starting positions of the sixth and twelfth. We have very little long-term data because of the red flags, but it’s the same for all teams. If it is hot like Saturday, the deterioration and temperature rise will be significant. This can create opportunities in strategy but in the end the main factors will be the pace of the race and the ability to overtake“.

The possibility of overtaking that may exist thanks to Three DRS . regions And at a newly discovered top speed of W13 which has improved on this front thanks tolow dragIt has been introduced since the first free practice session.

Miami GP 2022 qualifying speed data

Formula 1 – Mercedes: ‘all in’ on racing strategies

The third grade was the target that was men Three pointed stars They gave up on the playoffs. Sixth place Louis It only partially hit the target. Also because a file the difference Of the highest importance (829 thousandths of LeclercAnd nd). Also half a disaster contact not calculated. Mercedes is showing – and this is not the first time this season – that it is somewhat unaccustomed to fighting in the central regions. Hence the confusion that contributed to the lack of access to Q3 with car number 63 Which, it should be emphasized, was not the protagonist in the good laps in the initial attempts.

The qualifiers certainly weren’t satisfactory today. I mentioned disappointed Toto Wolf To the official website of the Anglo-German team P6 and P12 are not where we should be and not where we thought we’d be after a strong Friday. Although in some sessions we get glimpses of the performance, we haven’t yet been able to piece them together. We’ve had good benchmarks since Friday, we just need to keep understanding and developing but we obviously have a painful path to follow now.“.

Words that return to the title of this article: Mercedes W13 is a tricky one-seater car. It doesn’t take much to suddenly change his behavior – often for the worse. Perhaps that’s the only hope in terms of racing: to restore performance by returning to the squad on Friday. Clearly within the limits of what the system allows closed garden. But at the moment technical predictions cannot be made, it seems that we have to entrust us with fate.

Toto Wolff (Mercedes AMG F1 Team)

F1 – Gp Miami: Hamilton and Russell talking

Lewis Hamilton He was completely satisfied with the qualification though “Performance downgrade” Compared to the previous day:Today was a much better qualifying session than the last three races; So I am grateful for that. We keep presenting problems and we keep working on solving them. A lot of amazing work has been done in the background and everyone is paying. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re expressing the speed we’d like: a gap similar to that which occurred at the beginning of the yearThis fact, in fact, is not convenient because it seems to nullify every effort that has been made to bridge the gap with whom – see Ferrari – She has not yet started developing her own cars.

We just have to keep our heads low, keep focused, keep working, keep digging, and eventually we’ll get there. – Seven-time world champion explained – It’s hard to say how we’ll be at the race pace. The car wasn’t strong overall this weekend. But today, once I got the tires in better shape, it was a little more promising“.

Lewis Hamilton presents his “tools” for jewelry and watches at a press conference

In this swing of difficulty, the team catches one rider first, then the other, George Russell Can only express the quiet disappointment of a qualifying session on which other hopes were pinned: “The car bounced around a lot today and as a result I couldn’t attack any corners. It’s a shame because yesterday we showed good potential, but today he has moved away from us significantly.”

We thought we were a bit careful to prepare during qualifying to avoid porpoises We found it in FP3, but it felt just as bad. We hit rebounds in all corners especially at 4 and 5. So I couldn’t attack under braking. When you put the car in the right window it’s fast and on Friday it looked like we were fighting for number one. For me it was the worst qualifier this year, so it’s hard to fathom“.

George Russell

for example Williams There is a mountain to climb even if it is layout subordinate Miami International Racecourse The speed shown in the previous days may allow a good recovery. New path, close walls, possibilities safety carLack of clues to pace: the risks that Russell and Hamilton want to turn into opportunity. Because, at the moment, the “golden regions” in the rankings seem far-fetched without a sports disaster.

mercedes He’ll still struggle while he waits, in a couple of weeks, to see the more or less final package which should make sense for a season that remains tough and stingy with contentment.

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picture: F1And Mercedes AMG F1

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