Pint of Science Italia 2022 in Campania returns from Naples to Striano: 23 cities involved

The most glamorous date with Scientific publishing It finally returns to its natural habitat, including 55 bars from 23 Italian cities On the evenings of 9, 10 and 11 May. “pint science” It’s a date that is now on the list of the most anticipated scientific publishing events. After the 2020 edition was canceled and switched to an online event in 2021, due to the ongoing pandemic, 2022 marks the much-anticipated return of Pint of Science to the bars.

From six cities in the first edition in 2015 to 23 cities in this year’s edition: Rhythm is one appearance Which, despite the certainly still complex context, wants to remain light but at the same time engage and bring, this year more than ever, a message in the name of resilience and reboot, which also wants and above all to be confident in science. During these two years we have taught everyone, not just the experts in the sector, how basic scientific research and cooperation between the various fields of research and, above all, the extent to which it is necessary to correct Scientific culture.

“Although we are still confronted with a very complex social and economic framework, awareness has grown that scientific research can be an essential tool for improving the quality of life, from defending the environment to being able to create work and thus-be, even to save lives.” Alicia Tricomi comments, National Director and President of the Cultural Society Bent of Science Italy.

Pint of flagWith its wide presence all over the world, it wants to contribute to Defending the value of scientific research And his contribution to the growth of the company. Of course without losing its light and informality: we are talking about it Topics more Stream From scientific research but with a pint of beer! The numbers for the Italian edition of 2022 are very promising: the escort of the audience will end at the three Flags of Science. 170 researchers In 23 Italian cities (Avellino, Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Catania, Ferrara, Frascati, Genoa, L’Aquila, Lucca, Milan, Naples, Padua, Palermo, Pavia, Pisa, Reggio Calabria, Rome, Rovereto, Salerno, Siena, Turin, Trento). The event will be held simultaneously in 25 countries, with the participation of more than 200 cities and over 800 speakers and covering all continents, making it the largest global event of its kind.

to Naplesfrom old town to me vomeroPassing through Bagnoli And steriano, and going to Benevento, five fantastic sites will open their doors to three evenings full of science and discussion on typical topics in the form of a science pint: the beautiful mind (neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry), atoms to galaxies (chemistry, physics and astronomy), our bodies (human biology) ), Planet Earth (Earth Sciences, Evolution and Zoology), Technology (Technology) and Our Society (History, Political and Social Sciences). In a vernacular and relaxing atmosphere of beer tapped during conversation, our Speakers Restaurant will offer approximately 40 minutes of interactive presentations, followed by questions and curiosities from the audience.

In the historic center, Biagio D’Aniello, Piero Amodio and Marianna Crispino will be hosted in the Embassy spaces, on site Venezia Palace, in three evenings to discover the sensory perception of different species, from the dog to the octopus and finally in the human. At the headquarters of Slash +, in Vomero District, it is planned three evenings Basim chemistry In its most diverse forms, from biodegradable plastics to the rare but essential metals for energy transmission with Massimo Christian Daltrio and Marco Chino, through to his associations with art and preservation of historical artifacts with the intervention of Andrea Carpentieri, but also physics with the contribution of Clementina Sasso to the activity of the Sun.

Society Lido Polaa guest at the Vineapolis winery in Bagnoli, suggests instead a central theme Shared benefits between the environment and society They were rejected on three specific days on the environment, technology and society: the interventions of Edoardo De Tommasi, Alessandra Rogato, Ivo Rendina, Mario Buono, Gabriella Esposito De Vita and Antonio Pone, belonging to the different institutes of the CNR, all activities will connect the research that has found space in the Polars project (Coastal Pole of Marine Environment and Social Resilience). Astrophysics will take over the role of Striano, with words from Ilaria Mosella and Silvio Leccia at Maniba Industries on the Limits of the Universe. This year, the Neapolitan edition of Pint of Science goes beyond the city and into Benevento, welcoming the interventions of Raffaele Pilla, Marco Oreste Luca Mirra, Biagio De Simone and Dario Castellano in Good Fellows, ranging from methods and treatments to caring for our bodies to fascinating descriptions of galaxies.

“We try to offer a diverse program that meets the interests and curiosity of everyone and in a transversal sense, which is also very popular in the region. – Comments by Ariana Massaro, Coordinator of Signed Events from Bennett of Science in Naples – If we succeed it is thanks to the dense organizational network now created between the many volunteers of the Naples team and the managers of the buildings that host us, but also thanks to the economic support contribution of our local supporter, the Polytechnic and Sciences University of Naples Federico II».

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