Staff ATA 2022/25, ministerial circular with indications of regional division

Through Circular No. 16691 of April 29, the Ministry of Education provides indications about the draft ministerial decree that includes membership donations to ATA employees for the three-year period 2022-2025. In the note, operational indicators in accordance with the provisions contained in the draft ministerial decree

As for the quota customizationTable A of the Ordinance shows the number of employees by territorial district (including also jobs related to the professional files of a cook, attendant, nurse and farm worker) on the basis of which we will proceed to the assignment of jobs at the provincial level.
Tables B, C, and D show the regional units for the administrative assistant, technical assistant, and school assistant occupational profiles.

In Table E1, the positions assigned to the selection procedure aimed at employment in the state, starting from September 1, 2022, for former LSU employees.

school workers

The need for ATA places contained in the three-year plan of the educational offer of each school cannot exceed the number of places allotted to each district.


Table F shows the employee numbers for the DSGA. DSGA holders can at smaller educational institutions
Participation in mobility operations as excess numbers, for the purpose of allocating a new ownership seat for the 2022-23 school year. The circular specifies thatThe combination of two small schools (carrying out, obviously, in fact, staff) should not be formed, therefore, as a form of dimensionality: the same, in fact, is aimed exclusively at ensuring the continuity of management, organization and budgetary activities
for the educational institution. Along with the status of the association, the law mandates that the school administration, with a specific assignment, be assigned to a DSGA owner at another school of standard size in the district“.

ITP redundant and provide technical assistant jobs

In the publication we mention Article 4 of the Law of November 12, 2011 n. 183, which states that “in order to avoid it
Dual competence between professional fields and profiles, in secondary schools where they are
With a surplus of practical technical teachers, an equal number of technical assistant jobs are allotted“.

The district offices, at the time of publication of the Higher Secondary Education Mobility, check the number of excess ITPs in the district and allocate an equal number of vacancies to each area of ​​the technical assistant profile.

Technical assistant jobs, which are already assigned in the third stage of mobility, and which cannot be used due to incompatibility with the teaching category of the ITP, increase the share of availability with which assignments can be made to employees from the same professional profile .

In Schedule C stakes technical assistants. The note highlightsThe need to avoid duplication of skills, in all cases where there is coexistence between the subject teacher, the practical technical teacher and the technical assistant“.

1000 technical assistant jobs in the first cycle of education

Table C2 details the distribution of the additional 1,000 technical assistant positions for IT laboratories envisaged for the 2021/2022 school year, in accordance with Section 967, Section 1, of the 2020 Budget Act.

The circular did not take into account the extension of the publication of ATA movements until May 31 compared to May 27.

Circular 16691

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