source: Evan Kardia


© Photo by Daniele Mascolo / Photo Views

Picerno has rescinded the reservations: as compiled by the magazine’s editorial board everyonethe rossoblù will not continue with Leonardo Colucci On the seat. Arriving in November, the coach brought in the Lucanians, among Serie C Championship surprises, to play in the playoffs. A work appreciated by the administration, but already in the press conference at the end of the season, the Greek manager made it clear that the confrontation between the two parties is necessary, to decide whether to continue together or not, also in light of the difficulties that the technician faces in reaching his family in Bologna. In the end, the choice of the club was not to continue the path that began in the middle of the tournament and now, also due to the positive results, the coach of the Pecerno team, but also the Colucci team began.