War and energy crisis, Fedriga opens up about nuclear power: ‘No to ideological choices’

“We have, in perspective, the possibility of having clean nuclear energy without producing waste. We should not be ideological about this. I am convinced that the ideology of nuclear energy is wrong, one cannot say yes or no at any cost. It would be foolish to close our eyes And not at least face the possibility of going in this direction: as territorial systems we have made ourselves available to the government to give an answer to our production systems.” Governor Massimiliano Fedriga, also president of the Congress of Regions, during a conference organized yesterday by the Confindustria Alto Adriatico on the consequences of the war in Ukraine on the industrial production system.

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“The government’s work to find new energy suppliers is important. He added that regasification devices are essential, especially for the new agreements signed: I know Minister Singolani is working on it. However, the use of energies that was problematic a few years ago is now available – Fedriga repeated -: Today the last generation of nuclear power has changed its paradigm, as evidenced by the successful fusion experiments in England.”
Regarding the regional economic system – the report of the Confindustria Study Center reveals negative data on demand from abroad in the coming months – the president declared: “Even in the adjustment maneuver that we will bring into the classroom, the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region will allocate huge resources to addressing the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine “Today we see in the region a picture that gives us positive data: first as growth, first because of the increase in exports per capita – as he identified – but the current crisis will lead to an exacerbation, which I hope will be contained thanks to the interventions implemented by the government, Europe and the regions. We are the second national steel producing region after the province of Brescia: let’s think about how important Ukraine is for this supply chain. He concluded that many companies are being severely affected although fortunately we have a strong system in place.” At the meeting at the Confindustria headquarters in Pordenone, national leader Carlo Bonomi intervened with a video message: “It is clear that such wide differences in prices for some inputs between global macro regions, but also between European countries, have a very significant negative impact on competitiveness. For Italian industry – emphasized the head of Confindustria – especially for companies operating in the energy-intensive sector. The companies work side by side with the government and Europe, but in the end there is a need for structural measures and appropriate support tools to ensure that our productive fabric is not destroyed in whole or in part. The answer must first be given to European level, as it was done to deal with the health emergency in 2020.

Leaving the answer to individual governments – Bonomi warns – means highlighting the differences. On the other hand, if Europe proves that it is coherent only in terms of sanctions and not also about managing their side effects, then it will necessarily be necessary to act at the national level and we will have to do it very quickly and with appropriate extraordinary interventions in this new emergency.” The immediate demand is to reform the electricity market. “The recent escalation in the price of natural gas for electricity makes it necessary to accelerate the development of new electricity production capacity from renewable sources.” At the opening of the conference, Confindustria Alto Adritico President Michelangelo Agrusti, in the role of interlocutor, spoke with Corsera columnist Federico Rampini connected from New York. A very interesting moment that the audience in the hall appreciated.

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