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Artworks, memes, tweets, and image sets auctioned for millions of dollars: for almost a year, digital artworks that guarantee their authenticity NFTAn encrypted certificate registered on the blockchain has become a phenomenon of the moment, both on the web and in the real world. In essence, an NFT tool is a line of code embedded in a single electronic object whose purpose is to ensure its ownership.

these digital thingssuch as a work of art, a video, or a collector’s item, in general Developed on the Ethereum blockchain and its pillars, for example polygon frame.

At the moment, this NFTs are revolutionizing the art world. In fact, there have been some extraordinary sales this year: Just think of artist Beeple who sold his NFT product to an auction house for $69.3 million or Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, who sold his first tweet for a dollar. 2.9 million. Below, you can learn more by reading our guide to How to invest in NFT.

Why invest in NFT: benefits and risks

Unlike regular cryptocurrency, which can be exchanged, NFT can not be replaced As is Unique and unrepeatable. To give a concrete example, Bitcoin can be exchanged for another Bitcoin, a paper currency of 20 euros for another currency of equal value, etc. This is not possible with unique things such as a work of art, land, or a house.

regarding Risks Dr ‘Invest in NFTRemember, their market is based on the cryptocurrency market, which is a very volatile market for prices and returns speculation. In the past year, NFT sales have grown so dramatically, that one fears that this might happen bubblewhich some experts expect to erupt at any moment.

However, there is no doubt that these new tools represent the future, and despite the risks associated with the investment, it is not difficult to anticipate notable use in the coming years. regarding Benefits By investing in NFT we can highlight the following strengths:

  • they allow Selling artwork online and immaterial objects which makes counterfeiting more difficult.
  • They help artists and creators keep it complete Copyrights. This means that they can continue to generate revenue by charging fees proceeds To be received every time one of their creations is resold.
  • They guarantee safety Through the blockchain to track, verify and approve content, incentivizing its dissemination along with smart contracts.
What are NFTs: Meaning, How to Buy and Invest
How to invest in NFT

How to invest in NFT

The NFT they are new Blockchain-related digital assets that came Bought with cryptocurrency, in particular the ether (ETH) electronic money. These are non-fungible tokens that can take various forms, for example music tracks or items for online game characters, like Cryptokitties cats. Additionally, NFTs can exist in the form of blockchain domain names, virtual parts of the metaverse, tweets, electronic artwork (crypto art), source code, meme content, and GIFs.

Investment Guide: Getting Started

Creation and NFT . trading happen on NFT . Marketto Fixed prices or auction. Among these NFT markets, we find niche markets and general markets that are somewhat selective, as the case may be. Here are some of the best known NFT marketplaces on the web.

  • open seaIt is the world’s largest NFT trading platform and the leading consumer of gas fees on Ethereum. OpenSea allows you to buy and sell a variety of NFTs, especially digital art.
  • Binance: One of the world’s largest exchanges recently launched the NFT program dedicated to technical tokens but also playing cards related to sports and games.
  • very rare: Specializes in football NFTs. La Liga will collaborate with this platform to offer digital posters to its players in the form of NFTs.
  • very rareThis is one of the most popular and widely used marketplaces for selling digital art in NFT. It stands out from its competitors for believing that grouping is social glue.
  • rare: Contains a (Rari) code that allows the most active creators and collectors on the platform to vote and participate in managing it.
  • makers: is an online auction house that specializes in the art of cryptography.
  • elegant gate: This is a selective place dedicated to electronic art auctions online for non-fungible art symbols.

However, the first step to investing in NFT is Create an e-wallet of supported cryptocurrencies. Then you can Choose the NFT platform Perfect for your own goals. Your digital wallet of virtual currencies will be linked to this, making sure you have enough of them to follow through with offers and payments.

Moreover, it is possible Earn virtual coins Cryptocurrencies that can be spent in NFT through their own participation in online games Favorites thanks to the appearance of jobs play to earntranslating “earn by playing”.

Best NFTs Related to Crypto Games

In the course of coding games, you can track down a file Best NFTs Currently on the following platforms:

  • decentralizationa video game entertainment infrastructure featuring LAND tokens from which NFT can be purchased.
  • Axi Infinitya virtual world of pets that allows you to make money by playing and selling lands and items for crypto money.
  • Unchained Godsa game specially designed to spread NFT items by playing cards.

Best Crypto-Art . NFTs Related to Crypto-Art

In the field of cryptography, the best NFT technologies at the moment are available at:

  • art blocksan online store that generates upon customers’ request encoded pieces of art in the form of images or interactive experiences.
  • hashmskA digital collection of art galleries with thousands of original photos.
  • Cryptobankan exclusive collection of rare characters such as thugs and zombies.

Investing in NFT: Is it Worth It? future predictions

The Bubble Danger Just around the corner, but given all the advantages we mentioned earlier,Investing in NFT It may also look relevant in the future thanks to the constant technological development. However, for Invest in NFT You need a passion for rare or fashionable works, or you need to know how to take advantage of them. Moreover, it is necessary to address Costs and the committees Connected to NFT platforms to create accounts, buy tokens, convert one cryptocurrency to another, etc.

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