BEAC vs Bitcoin and the Central African Republic

someone like We were pretty much expecting on Criptovaluta.itHe won’t take it well. grip Central African CFA Franc It is very important for certain balances, so balances Bitcoin Finally, make it a thing of the past.

And to get Central African Republicwhich he adopted a little over two weeks ago BTC dollars As a currency with legal tender, messages of threats, unobstructed, come from power BEACor the Joint Central Bank from different countries ofCentral Africa And who is responsible for Franco Fiat Chrysler.

BEAC attacks Bitcoin and calls an extraordinary meeting

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The strange message from BEAC against the Central African Republic

came first International Monetary Fund with a message Full of fears, then added, it could not be otherwise, the BEACthe abbreviation behind which we find the symbol Bank of Central African Statesthe French outpost in the former colonies responsible for CFA francthe currency associated witheuro Those countries are like Central African Republic Today it is used as a legal tender.

invitation letter a extraordinary meeting mark what according BEAC, it would be a violation of art. 6 of the statute to which countries using the CFA franc have adhered, which states:

The legal monetary unit of the member states of the Union is the CFA franc.

In addition to the violation stipulated in Article 3:

The monetary union is characterized by the adoption of the same currency that is entrusted to issue it to a common institution that is Bank of African States Centarle […]

To which Article 21 was also added, the second BEAC also violated the last step by Central African Republic

The exclusive privilege of monetary issue for the territories of the member states of the monetary union is granted to BEAC.

Violations that may exist, according to the provisions of the law, were it not for the Central African Republic In fact, nothing has been released since then Bitcoin It is a decentralized critical experiment over which the republic has absolutely no authority.

Threats? We’ll see how it turns out

In the same document we ended up talking about it sensitive case That it will be necessary to raise awareness, given the seriousness of the consequences, the Government Central African Republic.

Government that, however, as already seen within Cryptocurrency.ithas indicated that it is an advantage Bitcoin For an individual’s monetary policy, this is precisely the possibility of liberation from himself, at least in part BEAC.

A case where economics and politics, Francafrique Present neo colonial. case that BEAC He has an interest in returning as soon as possible. Will he succeed? In our view, it would be like resisting a flood with a few buckets – and once you experience the benefits Bitcoin It’s hard to tell these countries to come back. until the IMF threats to El Salvador It had no consequences at the moment.

All this, this time, with a monetary institution in the center already mired in massive scandals in the past, in which doubts about its reliability seem more than legitimate.

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