Cardano: The leader speaks… We are in a bear market!

to Charles Hoskinson from Cardano We are officially at alcohol marketthat is, in the case of a market where most operators anticipate a decline and where there is little news capable of reversing the trend.

This is what appeared through a series of tweet Commander in Chief of Cardanowhich is not presented at the same time insight About what can happen in the market more than being in bear A classic, it seems to have lost any glimmer of sanity.

Charles Hoskinson is miserable

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For Charles Hoskinson, this is a bear market for Cardano and crypto

a Charles Hoskinson Depressed, I complain about how I am markets They don’t react to the fundamentals, in fact quite solid, that surround them Cardanoand we add the rest of the crypto world, starting with Bitcoinwith reference to alcohol market Which reach in front of countless users Twitter Who took advantage of special market conditions to ridicule the leader ADA dollars.

That feeling when you have all the basics and your protocol becomes faster and more decentralized, the community grows and continues to be the most advanced technology…

Tweet with an account almost unknown “And the price continues to drop,” he replied, prompting a response Charleswho spoke frankly at this point in the alcohol market.

Yes, it is called a bear market. This is what happens. Nothing can change it. No advertisement can make a difference. Cardano can cure cancer, give you 10 inches, give you a poker-playing robot and take Grandma to church tomorrow, and we still lose.

Resignation has the flavor of, at least in our opinion, frustration before an inferior market 50% Within a few months, within general macro conditions not encouraging at all.

But what is a bear market?

It’s a phrase that has already sparked some controversy Twitter This is part of my luggage Terminology that always accompanied the financial markets. Strictly speaking, it’s a bear market, but it doesn’t exist full agreement On what characteristics you specify. historically talking about alcohol market When, in traditional markets, there are losses at least from the highest levels 20%accompanied by prospects Of the operators on the economy more negative.

However, there are fundamental differences regarding the crypto market. a -20% from Bitcoinbut also Ethereum you hate Cardano It’s actually losses that we’re used to seeing even in one week that sometimes happen Gas For a quick return to the tops.

Likewise we are much less than -20% Even on the most solid cryptocurrency, in general it is Discomfort by all or nearly all analysts. With legal noticewhich we invite everyone to think about.

on one side Bitcoin – which is then able to pull the market out completely – has always acted against the tide: when everyone is sure of bull marketThe price goes down and vice versa. And secondly, there is also the possibility that alcohol market Active since at least then November And that these are his latest ideas.

Certainly, at least on our part, there is very little in our opinion. and assertions that these statements, which are by their nature less descriptive than we would like, can rest on feet of clay. In market conditions with this level of stress, it would take little to get back into the race.

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