Coinbase blocks Russian accounts

Queen Piece It will be in the process of banning the accounts of some Russian users, if they fail to prove that they are not subject to EU sanctions. Interested parties will have time Until at the end of the month To withdraw funds from their accounts or regularize their positions.

The condition here is a must, because at the moment it is about the connections that have been traded by users. Reportedly, theexchange He intends to end all relations with Russian customers Or work through the community platform Queen Piece.

Coinbase is ready to crack down in Russia

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Coinbase Closes the Circle on Sanctions

Every mother Paul GrewalCoinbase’s chief legal officer is crystal clear:

After recent EU sanctions, Coinbase can no longer provide crypto services to certain Russian customers who are registered with our EU entities or located within the EU.

to me Tweet from the American lawyer And the former VP of Facebook, now on NASDAQ’s first publicly traded exchange, echoes communications he’s seen clients delivered via email:

By May 31, 2022, you must withdraw all funds from your account or provide us with specific documentation confirming that you are not covered by these penalties.

to me Paul GrewalThe company allegedly helps interested parties prove that they are breaking EU sanctions. For everyone else, Coinbase will still provide a useful time frame for Emptying accounts and transferring wealth person elsewhere.

Otherwise, on the indicated date Users will see their current properties unlocked Plus any assets subsequently transferred to the accounts Accused.

The exchanges assert themselves as a pro-sanctions force

The news gives us the opportunity to think again about the positions we have taken exchange and organizations from the crypto world about events surrounding Putin’s war.

one of Queen Pieceif confirmed, it appears to us to be a procedure in line with Penalties already implemented by Binance against the Russian oligarchs. Stop the attackers on the one hand, e Commitment to a humanitarian cause On the other hand, it leaves no room for doubt.

We place great emphasis on this concept, because the crypto world has always been at the center Useful attacks Which in some cases expires in hideous drapes that you actually laugh a lot at.

On this occasion we go instead Exceeds all endurance limits. We are seeing one Slaughter of civilians and soldiersThe economy of many countries is in danger, and the possibilities are one all-out war They aren’t that far off: is it really taking the leap to attack cryptocurrencies and the blockchain?

So we should remember the not very reassuring situations that were recorded only recently on this topic. Remember, there is no specific order Christine Lagarde and her fear Bitcoin as a useful tool for Russians to circumvent sanctions.

That the Russian oligarchy must find other ways to free themselves from the yoke of economics We have talked about it extensively on more than one occasionbut in this case we think it is necessary to return to the concept.

The Lobbyists by profession Veteran politicians (who owe everything Fiat systemThey suggest novels that unfortunately can greatly influence public opinion. Although they often differ alone amazing ideas.


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