GPBM Italy: Renewable energies set sail

49th edition of Italian Meteor Class Boat Championship It will be held until 14 May in Maccagno con Pino and Veddasca (VA) in an area with the most spectacular views of the entire Lake Maggiore.

The organizer of the event is Unione Velica Maccagno (UVM)a sailing club that since 1977 has attracted many enthusiasts who see water and wind as elements of enjoyment and exercise. water and wind They are not just for pure fun because they are very important Resources in the field of renewable energy.

GPBM Italy, once again this year, has renewed its commitment to support UVM by participating in the 2022 edition of the tournament. Although UVM and GPBM Italy are apparently very different “worlds”, this particular partnership is based on many surprising aspects in common. Which? We went to ask directly to Luca Negri – Country Director of GPBM Italy and Maurizio Buccatierra – Vice President of UVM.

The 49th Italian Meteorite Championship is an important sporting event sponsored by the region of Lombardy, the municipality and the Proloco di Macagno, among others. GPBM participates in this event as the main supporter; What message does GPBM want to spread through its existence?

Luca Negri – Regional Director, GPBM Italy

Luca Negri: Basically, supporting this type of event is driven by a passion for nature. This passion is part of the values ​​of GPBM which, on this occasion also, wants to spread a green message. It is a fact that GPBM loves competition and alternative sports, and we are proud to support sports like basketball or like UVM sailing in this case. As far as sailing is concerned, we have over time been involved in various sailing events offering our support to UVM, while developing our human and personal side while maintaining an excellent relationship over the years. The meaning behind GPBM’s commitment to support the sport is based on Community awareness for a more sustainable environment Through concrete facts. There is also another important aspect. Although words like environment and sustainability are now misused, GPBM sees sport as also an ideal opportunity to convey messages of inclusivity, challenge and respect for values; In my opinion, it would be very clear to do this with a classic corporate letter. In any case, the commitment that GPBM has made for many years in support of a sport like sailing makes us truly proud.

Maurizio Bucatera – Vice President of UVM

Maurizio Bucatera: GPBM has been our support partner for years and is committed with us in spreading the practice of sailing, with a special focus on the youngest. I am convinced that those who think they associate their brand with a “free” sport like sailing can only be careful observers of society and culture in all its components, including the art of sailing. I would say that over the years, every insight that UVM and GPBM had in terms of sailing has turned into a very forward looking approach. Speaking of a vision for the future… It’s a bit like the Meteor, although a project over 50 years ago, built with the intention of the future, this type of boat, despite its age, continuing to race and sail all over Italy.

The tournament is held under the motto of touching water in search of the least environmental impact by all, participants and organizers. So much so that in the tender notice it reads: “Participants are encouraged to minimize any negative environmental impact of the sport of sailing.” What can be said about the relationship between the “near-zero” competition approach and the task of the GPBM, which is very similar in terms of environmental impact?

deputy: I would like to formulate a half slogan for this occasion: “Small Steps to Reduce Waste and Environmental Impacts” … We at UVM have been pursuing these values ​​for years through association policy. As winds move sailboats, batteries move vehicles, both energies are looking toward a less environmentally-impact future. Today, the battery is largely absorbed into the concept of mobility and electric cars and the future exists. A sailboat does not have any type of engine because it uses wind which is a very old principle. Being able to move today thanks to the wind can be considered a value and ability but also a privilege that allows you to think about a better future. The same concept can be applied to those who produce batteries like GPBM, who are facing a really important change. Moreover, if we really talk about antiquity, we can compare wind as ancient energy in the same way as the battery, because in fact the battery is also ancient energy, dating back to the end of the eighteenth century. I’m glad I think so What connects wind and batteries is that wind is used for boat travel but also to produce energy to recharge batteries… .. Continuing the issue of environmental impact, I proudly say that the Carta Smeralda signed by UVM is a document that connects us with all sports clubs like ours and that expresses its will to reduce the impact of plastic. For example, since 2014, UVM has only adopted biodegradable plates, cups and cutlery as disposable containers, so it will also be for dinner and refreshments for the crew scheduled for the 49th UVM Championships, where we are pleased to continue with the goal of adopting a zero plastic policy. Another fact I would like to point out is UVM policy for boat engines: we have opted to phase out two-stroke engines, which are highly polluting and release scorched oil into the water, in favor of four-stroke engines and regret to note that unfortunately Electric motors for boats They have not yet spread; This could be a message for GPBM….

LN: This is another feature that unites us with UVM … UVM policy goes in the same direction as ours, even if in our caseplastic hyacinth It is about packaging. In fact, over the years GPBM has also committed itself to being a UVM to achieve the goal of discontinuing the use of plastics and has been able to alter the composition of their blisters. With commitment, we have identified all non-contaminated materials to be replaced with used ones resulting in our refillable packaging being made of 100% biodegradable materials. GPBM has always paid the utmost attention to this aspect, as it encourages the use of rechargeable batteries on a daily basis, therefore purchasing a 100% biodegradable battery blister is the best way to align with our environmental sustainability messages.

Wind will be the primary energy for the Maccagno Sailing Championship, but it is also one of the energies GPBM is committed to with its sustainable energy projects. In this case, sport and technology form a common path that includes challenge, problems, and goal achievement, all under the common denominator: energy. What do you think?

LN: I refer to what Maurizio said earlier, that wind is an ancient energy that never gets old, and also the battery which is more than 220 years old as an invention but as a principle that has never changed. I too, like Maurizio, am happy to point out that wind connects boats and batteries in some way because it is energy … and energy is the common denominator that connects sport and technology at the moment, because it is The sport itself which is synonymous with energy, what is needed to face and win challenges, but there is also a technique that allows you to reach higher levels and break records. Continuation with regard to the concept expressed by Maurizio regarding the meteorite; If this type of boat is still valid, it is due to the technology and energy that its builder used to complete this project. I believe energy and technology are key to being able to meet challenges, even those where GPBM is more committed and which is about energy, but sustainable!

GPBM solutions focus on the search for maximum efficiency and reliability. Even the Meteor, the type of boat that will compete in the championship, has good efficiency (hydrodynamic), has simple but complete equipment and above all is safe, robust, manageable and easy to drive. Do you see other similarities?

deputy: Like other common similarities and juxtapositions between GPBM and Meteor solutions, I can say, for example, low cost of purchase and management, ease of transportation, versatility and individual manageability … A boat that, if well managed, can move even with a little Wind and in this characteristic I see a comparison: a good-sized GPBM battery can save energy, maybe a little, but for a long time. Although the project is more than 50 years old, Meteor after all this time still manages to be a boat with interesting performances.

Let’s talk UVM: Since it is an association that promotes a sport with a very low environmental impact, what relationship does the sailing federation have to the surrounding area? Can you tell us something about the youth’s approach to this sport? Is there any curiosity you’d like to tell?

deputy: Unione Velica Maccagno has always been committed to promoting sports with a low environmental impact. We have been promoting sailing at all levels for over 40 years, as it is a sport for all ages. Also through the school environment, we offer the first free course for all children in the municipality of Macagno to motivate them and bring them closer to sailing. Having said that, I would quite like to tell something about the Maccagno, a strip of land geographically located between Switzerland and the rest of Italy, between mountains and a lake, and about its long tradition of fishermen which this country has had over time and many other cities in Verbano. It is a tradition that is firmly rooted and also on some legends: it is said that in AD 962, the Emperor of Saxony Otto I drowned in a storm in the waters of Lake Maggiore and was rescued by fishermen from the small ledge of Maccagno. Besides this navigator, it must be said that Macagno has a sports career that goes beyond sailing and touches on sports in general. In these areas it is possible to practice climbing on an equipped boulder directly overlooking the lake, in addition to the most popular classic sports, take several MTB trips and, perhaps not everyone knows, skiing! Maccagno municipality takes care of two small ski lifts in Forcora, just above Maccagno, so during the winter months it is possible to go skiing while enjoying the view below. Except for Mottarone, there are very few places where you can ski and catch your eyes with a breathtaking view of Lake Maggiore!

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