In the first place since last winter: who is the coach who led Casatese to the elite

“Look, look at the field over there…” new winner! there kasatizeWith two days left, I graduated last week as the group champion, beating the competition and breaking every possible record. To achieve all this, of course, the perseverance and quality of the boys. But also the hands of a good boss like Alessandro Riccia.

Between the past and the present

“I started playing at the age of five, decided to quit at 17 after a choppy year, and today perhaps my biggest regret is that I didn’t try the first-team dressing room. I played as a midfielder. Rikia said about himself. After some time, the training option: I’ve been training for 8 years nowAnd The idea has always fascinated me since I was playing, at the first opportunity I didn’t let it slip away.”. After starting out in a rhetorical society, Rekia spent 4 years at Monza To then join the company in kasatize, where he was following the 2005 group for three years. Among the great coaches, he says names like GuardiolaAnd club It would be recognized for the technician, “After the moment he’s passing by, I appreciate it so much Gasperini. Focusing precisely on his role within this club, the coach maps out four core values ​​he always tries to convey to every player he meets: Education, respect, commitment and sacrifice I think that they are fundamental values ​​without which the mathematical result completely loses its value, or rather is difficult to achieve ”. As for his footballing philosophy, on the other hand: “I build a true footballing creed over time by continuing to train and modernizing myself – Follow the technician – Certainly within the youth sector I am the best team that plays offensive football Characterized by maintaining constant possession”.

The hero of the case

That Casatese was an excellent competitor was already written by the first results obtained in the tournament. By the fifth day, she had already taken third place in the rankings, From 11 onwards, she was always the first to lead the tournament. When the technician was asked whether or not that was the initial goal, the technician replied: “Certainly from the start the club asked us to win the championship, and it is clear that where the youth sector was, the individual and collective improvement of all the team members went hand in hand in order to prepare them in the best possible way for “big football”. And here are these two great red and white: “I don’t hide it Within this group there are some really important individuals for this category – Follow Rikia – I believe, however, that in the most difficult moments it is the strength of the group, Being friends even before they were companions gave that something extra This made us overcome our opponents.”.

There are many examples: «For example, I remember the first leg with Sangioliano CityWhen you’re 2-0 down in the 70th minute, against a level opponent, after a missed penalty, only the strength of the veteran group with a good dose of luck turn the game in our favour.”. In short, Rikia’s squad has stunned anyone this year, collecting 59 points, scoring 90 goals and conceding just 17. “We sure are Good dribbling team, this is a double-edged sword, sometimes we force games to avoid throwing the ball too far. One of those players would look at great football where the sporting result unfortunately or fortunately trumps the aesthetics and that can be a limit.” Rekya concluded.

Pictured: The Casatese Under 17 during the championship win celebrations

And the future?

Regarding the future, the coach has no doubts: “On a team level, I hope that in the Youth National Championship, where the standard is definitely higher, the boys will be able to impose themselves and prove their worth. On an individual level, I think there are many players who are making huge sacrifices to continue playing this sport, and I hope they can get a lot of satisfaction by making their dreams come true.”. But, The beautiful couple from Recchia-Casatese has reached the end of the line: “In the last few days of this week, I have informed the club that for personal reasons I will not continue my journey inside Casatese. I take this opportunity to Thank you to all those who gravitate around the red and white world, I will always continue to cheer for them!.

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