Luna Foundation Guard Opens Bitcoin to Provide Underground Cabinets | How does the Fund work?

There were many, including us, who wondered how LFGThe Luna Guard Foundation you will use Bitcoin to protect wedge between UST And U.S. dollar. Now we have the first answer, in case A relative emergency we already talked about yesterday.

Briefly Luna Guard Foundation Part of the capital will be entrusted to A market maker who will buy Bitcoin In case of request UST Both, while on the contrary, and only in emergency situations, will sell Bitcoin To keep the wedge.

Luna Foundation Guard Unlocks $750 Million in Bitcoin to Hold the Peg

It is the movement of that, according to what was mentioned Do Kwon It will restore confidence in the system, and thus could have positive effects on the LUNA dollar market. We can also invest with eToroGO HERE FOR A FREE VIRTUAL ACCOUNT WITH BEST FINTECH TOOLS The account in which we are allowed to invest Earth’s moon With access to the best tools available in the market.

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What is LFG cooking and how will floor cabinets be saved, starting with Bitcoin

In fact, the situation seems to have returned to relative normal, although the opening of the Asian session was more negative for the world Cryptocurrency Based on BitcoinWith Earth’s moon Who lost the healing that was achieved yesterday.

there Luna Guard Foundation advertise away Twitter to make it available to market maker sum $750 million in Bitcoin and a lot of UST, to provide a box that will work in the following way. If there is a file wedge from UST It should start to fluctuate, or if its value should start much less than 1 dollarMarket Maker will be responsible for support USTbuy it.

In the opposite case, with a question for UST Bigger, the box will partially get rid of UST to buy Bitcoin. So it’s not, at least for now, a sale Bitcoinbut rather the creation of the first mechanism semi-automatic To restore confidence in the world around it Earth’s moon so is stablecoin Arithmetic.

Lots of controversy and unconscious opinions: what this move by LFG actually means

There are completely opposing viewpoints they have started circular about what he’s doing Luna Guard Foundation. All or almost all deserve to be analyzed and commented on and that is what we will do.

  • FSO is not decentralized, at least for the time being

But this is a kind of file Secret from Pulcinella. Let’s talk about one stablecoin which has already been greatly supported by capital injections, particularly in anchor it’s many times. It should come as no surprise to anyone that they come at a moment of suffering Enabled these Mechanisms which have already been ventilated during the stages of purchase Bitcoin by the institution. Equipment is very important and should help UST To achieve stability as quickly as possible and above all to overcome the phases of crises of medium intensity.

  • Considering the amount of layoffs, the floor cabinets actually performed well

Perhaps this is the opinion of the author. from anchorThe data at hand is almost gone 3 billion dollars, caused by a series of seemingly coordinated initial sales. Given the percentages of deficiency, the answer is UST On the one hand wedge In our opinion it was good, and in any case much better than sale from the past Walks.

  • The controversy over the “coordinated” attack leaves time to find

As we wrote yesterday, we complain about the presence of coordination in the attack UST Leave the time that finds. protocol arithmetic stablecoin It must withstand even when there is coordination between those who want throw it down. Otherwise a system will only be able to function if there is no opposite factors. And in finance, both classic and new generation, it is a bad assumption with which to start developing anything, including stablecoins that already have billions of dollars in circulation.

Will this step be enough to save the ground tanks?

In our opinion, yes, even if someone’s concerns are not taken into account. Let’s talk about who’s afraid to sell it Bitcoin possible by Earth’s moon It may exacerbate any market crash at once vortex of death Which no longer just means USTbut also specifically BTC dollars.

The case seems to be too far away, and the budget is too small to have any significant impact on the price Bitcoin And most importantly, the market may already have found a file lower.

The situation will continue to evolve – and we’re doing it We will be here to talk about it even at such a complex stage of the market. For now, however, the risk of it Earth’s moon Leaps in the air, to the delight of opponents of this protocol, seems to be a somewhat remote hypothesis.

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