Ripple with Bitcoin in Africa | The Odd Couple from SBI Motors

SBI Motor Japan Starting today, it accepts payments in cryptocurrency. Heading an e-commerce site SBI . Collectiblesand specializes in the cross-border trade in used cars, and operates in Africa In other contexts you will benefit from the network that you provide ripple Low cost transnational money transfers.

The cryptocurrency used will be Bitcoin especially XRPThanks to the already extensive use of the Ripple protocol by the Japanese financial group, which should also accompany it in connection with the company’s next listing on the stock exchange.

Ripple lands in Africa with Bitcoin

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SBI Motors will rely on Bitcoin and Ripple

SBI Africa Co.the company that owns the e-commerce of Japanese used cars SBI MotorsIt is betting on everything on the blockchain and cryptocurrency for its trade relations with the emerging economies of the African continent, but not only. Part of the business includes the Caribbean, Ireland, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands.

Especially in Africa, the number of transactions made on the blockchain is growing rapidly and steadily. to ripple Speed, security, and independence from the internal elements of the banking system such as exchange rates, control, and susceptibility to transactions are valued.

However, behind the operation we describe, there is one of the major financial groups in all of Japan. SBI . Collectibles He is the fourth born giant among others in 2019 Megabanka In the land of sunrise. Also among other things, the group uses a file exchange owned To strengthen the fight against money laundering and international terrorism.

The Relationships between Ripple and SBI Holding It has been standardized for some time now, due to the speed and cost-effectiveness of transactions ensured by the protocol, which is already integrated into SBI Remit, the group’s network-based migrant remittance service. XRP Dollars.

Ripple around the world

The protocol, which is very popular in border trade is not exactly within the reach of SWIFT, finds wide application among all of them citizens of the world Off-site who have to transfer small amounts of money home.

We’ve talked about Ripple’s continued commercial expansion on several occasions, for example on the occasion of prosperity in singapore Thanks to buy a large part of Take it.

Partnership with Malaysian Payment Processor It didn’t take long to stir up the excitement of the associated ecosystem, Generating interest in the UAE And in many countries where immigrants are an important source of remittances.

All of these movements have a genesis going back in time, which shows how casually attractive the project is. We told you about Qatar National Bank and its agreement with Ripple Budding, flying across the ocean, from South American preferences to XRP Dollars And BTC dollars against national currencies.

The Ripple success So he seems to know no bounds, with all due respect to the many detractors who (rightly?) are watching him Distrust Because she was never veiled Voten With the big names in central finance.

We give them provocative thinking: At first we mentioned coexistence XRP Dollars / BTC dollars in a project SBI Motor Japan. Who knows what this margin is thinking? Bitcoin’s latest attack by signature Brad Garlinghouse?

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