The 11th Science and Philosophy Festival opens in Foligno

160 meetings were scheduled with 151 speakers. Rossella Michio, Paolo Crypt and Bergiorgio O’Devredi are expected to arrive on Friday

a trip Festival of Science and Philosophy – Virtue and the Canosens Which, in 2022, among its guiding principles, in addition to science, of course, is new development and free thinking. Tape cuteleventh edition It was held on the afternoon of Thursday, April 21, in the great atmosphere of Trenchy Palace, where one of the greatest novelties of the year has also been created, the “maxi-cell” that citizens and tourists will be able to visit until the 1st of next May. The opening which saw the submission online on University and Research Minister Maria Cristina Mesa. As the head and director of the Experimental Science Laboratory, respectively professors Maurizio Renzini And Pierluigi MingarelliPresident of the Umbrian District, Donatella Tessie, Vice-President of the Province of Perugia, Moreno Landrini, and Mayor of Foligno, Stefano Zuccarini.

Interventions – The 11th edition of the Great Foligno Cultural Festival has openedmusical show from students Niccolo Alono Primary School in Belfiorefollowed by – as usual – with an extension Read some verses from the Divine Comedy by Enrico Siamana. Then the word was passed to the speakers.

Pierluigi Mingarelli, Director of the Experimental Science Laboratory of Foligno – “In these eleven years, the Festival of Science and Philosophy has grown a lot, and this is not obvious but a sign of great interest on the part of the citizens and also of important support from regional, provincial and municipal institutions and various entities, starting with the Cassa di Risparmio di Foligno. The address that accompanies us this year is “Let’s resume the journey,” which everyone expects a little, but not only. The use of the first person plural also means that we must do everything together, because nothing can be solved by itself. Therefore, Professor Mingarelli emphasized the indisputable importance of the science which has been brought into greater light by the pandemic, but also of the difficulties of the present moment, marked by “the war which – declared – while we were organizing the festival, we hoped it could end soon”. Then the usual tribute to Dante, which was even stronger in 2022, which marks the 550th anniversary of the printing ofEdito Princess An adventure in Foligno on April 11, 1472. But the thought of Professor Mingarelli also went to the speakers who accompanied the festival in these 11 years and who no longer exist: from the scientific juvenile and philosopher Giulio Giorello to the biologist and geneticist Paolo Sasson Corsi, from the science journalist Pietro Greco To Foligno biologist Silvia Polucci. Then the young people whom director Mingarelli described as a “great resource” for the festival.

Maria Cristina Mesa, Minister of University and Research – “This initiative is so important to this ministry, the citizens and the government that has put science, research and training at the heart of a sustainable future. I am grateful to the organizers that science and philosophy are a huge heritage that includes us all. These are not only topics for insiders, but they all relate casually through many aspects. They answer an existential question, curiously, but they also lead to a comparison because the scientific method is based on comparison and we’ve also seen it in the pandemic period. The method of comparison conveyed by science is transversal because it leads to a peaceful discussion, and is a bridge to peace. Knowing how to confront without resorting to war is the great power of science and philosophy.” Secretary Mesa then recalled what Moore does today to give, as he said, a central aspect of science, knowledge, and training.

s.Tifano Zuccarini, Mayor of Foligno – “It is an honor for the City of Foligno and the Municipal Administration to host the Minister of University and Research, Maria Cristina Mesa, to whom I salute and especially thank you for the willingness you have shown towards the Festival of Science and Philosophy. The party that I call our party because it truly belongs to the City of Foligno. Explains the program developed for 2022. Once again, if necessary, the importance and prestige that the event has achieved at the national and international level, just think of the presence of the Nobel Prize, Giorgio Baresi, but also of the caliber of the lecturers who will do it. Take part. Our goal is to continue to develop this event, making Foligno An international capital of scientific and philosophical causes, thanks also to the approach that makes it accessible to all. It is a celebration of the people.”

Donatella Tessie, President of the Umbria Region “In these two years we have largely missed this extraordinary event, a great cultural encounter and confrontation. One of the things I consider most important is opening up to young people, because with them we must think and build the future. We will continue to support this event and I am glad to be here today to hear the words of Minister of Mass. Such events make a small area like ours wonderful and it is necessary to support it.”

Moreno Landrini, Vice President of the Province of Perugia – “Whoever conceived this festival made a great gift to our lands. It is a very important and modern event, which makes us think about the history of some generations and what will be written for the future. One of the added values ​​is the ability to interact between many areas of our society and our society. There is a cross-contamination between science and philosophy, but there is Also a link with schools, companies, youth, scholars and researchers.This festival is the link between everything and everyone.It is an initiative with a great identity, in which we are all aware of ourselves and must be supported because it is a true laboratory of thought that makes us today more than ever understand the values ​​in which we invest from For Sustainable Development and Growth: Science at the Service of “Human and Life”.

Roberto Battiston, physicist and science reference for the Festival of Science and Philosophy – “It is a pleasure to come again. What starts today is the version with the most number of contributions but also the presence of female scientists, about 30%, which is an absolute record. And that is a relief to us, because it is not easy to find that balance in the scientific context. Then I would like to think a little about why we have been doing this festival for 11 years and why it is developing.There are two reasons: because those who organized it put their hearts into it, but also because we were able to get our hands on a hidden treasure.In fact, Italy can count on about 20 thousand researchers, and they People who do good research but also have the ability to know what they are doing.We unleash these energies and give these researchers a bowl in which to welcome those who want to say.This is a real treasure,thanks to which this festival can continue to build.unicum that works and we will continue to make it a success on Years passed.”

Maurizio Renzini, Head of the Experimental Science Laboratory at Foligno – “We have never stopped, we have always progressed. We have done it online but also planning and organizing this edition which is richer than previous editions. For this reason, I am very grateful and admiring for the work done by Professor Mingarelli, but also by the Board of Directors, and the Scientific Committee , promoters and a wide range of subjects who believed and believed in our proposals and cultural aspirations.”

Friday program – Tomorrow’s events program is rich, Friday April 22with Ben 44 sessions18 of which are for schools and the remaining 26 are open to the public, which will include different locations scattered around The historical center of Foligno. The first, however, is the appointment which – as announced in recent days – will be held for the first time in Saint IraklioWho will watch the writer and scientific journalist intervene at the headquarters of the agricultural community at 5:30 pm Piero Bianucci With a meeting devoted to “Space: Research, Tourism, or Theater of War?” Bianucci himself, two hours before, at 3.30 pm, at the Diocesan Capitular Museum will be holding another conference entitled “Next Generation EU: Time for New Ideas”. Among the speakers who will be speaking tomorrow will also be an oceanographer and researcher at CNR’s Institute of Oceanography, Catherine Schroederdirector of research at INAF, Gabriel Giselliniand director of the Institute for Pharmaceutical Research at the Mario Negri Erics Institute, Giuseppe Rimusi. And again the emergency chief, Rossella Mikiothe protagonist of two meetings: one, at 4 p.m., in the video room of the San Domenico Auditorium entitled What It Means Excellence in Care and the second, at 5.30 p.m., always in the same place but this time with the writer and journalist, Father Enzo Fortunato, together to talk about “care”. But tomorrow he will be the one who will witness his arrival in the city as well Fabio Trincardidirector of the Earth System Environmental Science and Technology Division at Cnr, Massimo Galliformer director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at Sacco Hospital in Milan, as well as Ukrainian astrophysicist Elena Panikova with a colleague Massimo CapaccioliProfessor Emeritus of Astrophysics at the Federico II University of Naples. Also among the notable names is the name of the festival’s scientific reviewers, geneticist Eduardo Boncinelli and linguist Massimo Arcangeli. Not forgetting, among others, the National President of the Diabetes Physicians Association Foundation, Paulo Di Bartolodirector of research at INAF, Patricia CaravioAnd the psychiatrist Paulo Cripet, who will speak on “La cura antiscientifica” from the San Domenico Auditorium, 6.30pm. Finally, the mathematician will conclude the second day of meetings at 9 p.m., again in San Domenico Bergiorgio Oudefredi With an intervention entitled “Pictures of Infinity”.

Experiment – Today, tomorrow, which will also be devoted to manipulative and sensory experiments, interactive and illustrative science laboratories and technology exhibitions, which are organized within the department Experiment – Experiment Between the laboratory at Isabella Road and the Brunetti Candiotti Palace. Several initiatives are planned in this field, which will range from 3D printing to robotics, from visits to the botanical garden to arts and neuroscience, to name a few. The symposium will also take place tomorrow at 10 at Palazzo Brunetti Candiotti Mediterranean olive oil organized by Gal Valley Umbra and Sibillini, which will also be attended by a delegation from Malta, a partner in the project launched in recent months with the Experimental Science Laboratory in Foligno. And then, as always, the appointment in the outer courtyard of the Palazzo Trinci with the project “Let’s get into our cell.”.

Scientific partners Promoted and Organized ODV . Experimental Science Laboratory. , In cooperation with Foligno municipalityThe Umbria region And Oicos ​​. Reflections“Festival of Science and Philosophy” is proud of the importance Scientific partners: National Research Center, National Institute of Nuclear Physics, National Institute of Astrophysics, Italian Space Agency, Italian Institute of Technology, National Institute for Metrology Research, Gran Sasso Institute of Sciences, University of Camerino, University of Genoa, University of Perugia, University of Foreigners of Perugia and Regional School Office of Umbria.

Reservations for conferences are mandatory and can be made through the website , where it will be possible to consult the entire program. To participate in the meetings, it will also be necessary to be equipped with an Ffp2 mask and an enhanced green pass.

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