The balance of the Latina Lido Triathlon Sprint was positive, in the name of recycling and renewable energy

A two-day triathlon with full respect for the environment, which started with bad weather and ended with sun.

The fourth edition of the Latina Lido Triathlon Sprint, from this year called “The Green Race,” is on file. It is the name of the event that arises from the synergy between the official partner green model Engineer Luca Targa and Latina Triathlon Which Benedetto is the boss Farale.

A sporting event in which the materials used and the energy needs produced move in the direction of recycling and renewable energy. A very topical topic in recent months, as well as for what is happening at the international level. But the need for clean energy and the attitudes and means dedicated to environmental sustainability have been talked about for a long time. Thus the sport also becomes its promoter and vehicle, especially if the discipline in question is triathlon, and thus a combination of swimming, cycling and running. Three sports in one depending on the environment.

The Lido di Latina, between Rio Martino, Capoportiere, Via del Lido and Fogliano Lake, offers a place to evoke memories. The allure of the audience, including athletes, family members, and the curious, was eye-catching.

The village set up in Piazzale Loffredo is of particular interest, with many looking forward to watching the age group Sunday swim crossing (750m), then follow the bike path to the Rio Martino Pier (20km), then the final rush of running (5km) . The first day, Saturday, marked by inclement weather, began with a preview of XSummer, an exhibition of summer specials on the beach of Hotel Tirreno, witnessing the summer review of the Sports and Sports Tourism Observatory.

In the afternoon, the Latina Lido Triathlon Youngster is dedicated to the little ones.

On both days, it was possible to admire the means of sustainable mobility, and therefore electric powered. “I would say we were ‘very green'” – comments Luca Targa -, if there was sun on Saturday too, we could have run the solar panels more. As a starting point I would say it was excellent, I’ve seen a lot of people enjoying and prying their interest in these Aspects such as protecting the ecosystem and using materials. T-shirts celebrating the event, for example, were made from recyclable materials, as well as everything needed to prepare a noodle party that concluded the event with dignity.”

“Latina deserves more, and as Latin Triathlon said – comments its president Benedetto Varalli – we try to know, for those who come from abroad, the peculiarities of our territory. We resumed work after three years of waiting and from the first results we can say that we loved the race. We return to work immediately, to improve when necessary.

Over 300 athletes from the Youngster and Age Group participated in the Green Race Latina Lido Triathlon Sprint. It happened Vitrysponsored by the municipality latinaaegis Editorials.

The president of Vietri Lazio Giampiero attended the competitions and awards ceremony Antinucci CONI County delegate, Alicia Gasparoni, OPES County Chief Danieli Valerio, Latina Mayor Damiano Coletta and city councilor Dario Bellini.

207 age group athletes participated in the fourth edition of the Latina Lido Triathlon Sprint. A race still going in one direction, in the direction of Diego Boracci, who finished all three stages in 55 minutes 26 seconds, even improving his 2019 timing, when he clocked 57 minutes 55 seconds. The Torino trio had a fierce rival in Sardinia Riccardo Spano (0:55:51). Third Matteo Perry (0:56:13) from Minerva Roma, the same company as Filippo Panicchi and Francesco Gazzino, finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

In the female category, local athlete Maria Casciotti, registered in the Cesena Triathlon, won. His race finished in 1 hour 3 minutes 25 seconds. The time clearly diverged Chiara Di Berardino of Minerva Roma (1:05:13) and Ludovica Cianci (1:08:04) of the Turin Triathlon. Of particular note is Fiorenza Zorsetto’s fourth place, the first woman in a Latina Triathlon to reach the finish line (1:08:26). The Fifth Twilight of Gennaro della Minerva.

The first male athlete in the triathlon was Latina Fabio Barlabiano, who finished 23rd in the overall standings with a time of 1:02:49, while the first to finish was Alessandro Gargani (0:59:54), who is currently at Cus Trento .

In addition to the five absolute male and female athletes, athletes were also honored for the categories they belonged to, for a total of 49 other athletes. The youngest is 18 years old, and the most “mature” is about 73 years old.

Saturday’s strong winds affected the young Latina Lido Triathlon. So in some classes, a Duathlon (racing – bike – race) was held, instead of the classic bike swimming and jogging group. The distances are in proportion to the age groups. Athletes competed from 6 to 19 years of age, and were divided into Junior (dogs, puppies, juniors, boys) and juniors (juniors A, youth B, juniors) categories. Total 110 small math. Federico Gagliardi, Flavio Moreni, Mattia Verzin, Penelope Cecilia, Martina della Roca, Nicola Avolio, Francesco De Phillips, Andrea Dolcetti, Cesare Moreni, Riccardo Banton, Samuel Pistelli, Cleo Cecilia, Francesco Battislon competed.

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