‘The Coaches’ award in Turin, awarded Simone Del Dio the title of Piedmont Coach of the Year

Certified Bardonecchiese, who led Clément Noel to Olympic gold and a few days ago, was officially the new head coach of the Azzurri slalom coach, took home the prestigious award for the classic end-of-season event.

Years of exceptional work at the helm of the French slalom team, with the jewel of the Olympic title won by Clement Noel just 3 months ago at the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Simone del Dio, 46, of Genoa by origin and Bardonecchiese by adoption, has a wealth of experience as a coach for Transalpine and now that FISI has officially made his return as head of the Italian national slalom club, here comes another great relief.

Indeed, Del Dio was awarded the Cassina Marchesa at Corso Regina Margherita in Turin as Piedmont Coach of the Year; The registered coach of the Bardonecchia Ski Club received the most important title at the event “The Coaches”, promoted and organized by the Montagnedoc Group. The award for best skyman of the year went to another engineer for the Olympic gold medal in slalom slalom, won by Slovakian Petra Velhova in Beijing.

Bruno Grandi, from Cesano Duke, previously worked for the Norwegian national team and in the spring of 2021 was called up to be part of the crew of the Slovak champion who, in addition to the Olympic title, also won the World Cup in slalom. owned by him. It is a testament to the absolutism of the Western Alpine art school and it is precisely that value that the Montagnedoc group, led by Luigi Schiabrera, intends to reward and report to the public every year at the end of the season.

Montagnedoc’s institutional objective is to connect, promote and develop the mountains in the broad sense and in particular with regard to the themes of sports, tourism and culture, at the same time creating the award for the best coach and best skiman from Piedmont. The European Cup and the Italian Cup.. the world. The event was organized in Cascina Marchesa in collaboration with the Piedmont Regional Council, Uncem, Arpiet, Turin Chamber of Commerce, FISI Western Alps Committee, Ski Instructors Associations, Via Tourist Consortium Lattea, University of Turin-United and Suism, and ADA-Association of Hotel Managers, Tourism Turin, and Sci Club GIS-Italian Ski Journalists, which each year indicate the names of the award winners.

Ivo Feriani, world-renowned sports and technical director, attended the event as a representative of the International Olympic Committee. Instead, the FIS was represented by National Vice President Pietro Marocco, Western Alpine Commission Chair Pietro Bellingini, AOC Vice-President Maurizio Poncet, and Counsellor and Secretary Lorenzo Vittori. The “Gli Coachatori” event is sponsored by the City of Turin, the City of Turin, the Regional Council and the Piedmont Regional Council.

The topic on which the reflection and discussion among the operators of the world of sport and tourism associated with the Piedmont Mountains focused was that of water resources, and no more so than this current year, at the end of a winter characterized by a lack of rainfall. Atmospheric conditions and historical drought. The conference along with the recognition of coaches and contestants each year allows experts to discuss possible development and investment strategies in mountain regions.

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