Towards energy autonomy, the province holds an open technical table for stakeholders

They will meet on May 17, 2022. The goal is to clarify the project under development and to engage companies that will be able to apply for an active role.

On May 17, 2022, the MB District held a technical open table for stakeholders – already involved in the BrianzaRestart plan – to illustrate the “Businesses in Transition Toward Energy Independence” project developed in collaboration with the ènostra cooperative, which is active in services and building renewable plants. This is the first step to start an accompanying process for local companies, which includes as a first step the preliminary study of the feasibility of collective and individual production and self-consumption projects and the establishment of renewable energy communities.

For energy independence, the county holds a technical table

The main objective of the schedule we have planned is to clarify the project being developed and to involve companies that will be able to apply for an active role. Autonomous production and distribution of energy from renewable sources today is increasingly an asset of competitiveness and undoubtedly represents an opportunity for local development in terms of sustainability. As part of the BrianzaRestart plan, the county aims to coordinate actions and promote innovative models of energy supply, distribution and consumption in the region through the creation of energy communities. – Explains the cum Ricardo Borgnovo.

Buildings The Way Towards Creating Energy Communities

The issue of energy today is of fundamental importance not only in terms of the relevant environmental impacts (production, consumption and emissions), but also for the political implications imposed by the procurement context which, in the current scenario, become more than that. Urgent to consider the assumption of a medium-long-term time horizon.

The overall development of the state, the competitiveness of companies, and the quality of life of citizens are the priority aspects that must be ensured: it is necessary to consider low-impact energy models and structural interventions that generate long-term and broad-based positive effects.
Our country is currently highly dependent, in meeting its energy needs, on foreign resources which cover about of the total required through imports; Renewable energy sources (RES) almost cover the sole
20% of the total requirements.

A track specifically targeting small and medium-sized businesses

Investments in energy communities at the national and regional levels are envisaged.
In this context, in line with European targets to decarbonize the energy system by 2030 and complete decarbonization by 2050 and in continuation of commitments already made with stakeholders in the region as part of the Brianza Restart Charter signed in 2020 and updated in 2021 with the Brianza event Restart Recovery, Monza and Brianza County intends to strengthen actions aimed at achieving energy independence by revitalizing the accompanying pathway specifically targeting small and medium businesses.

The Energy Community is an association of local public bodies, corporations, corporations or private citizens, who also choose to equip themselves with infrastructures for energy production from renewable sources and self-consumption through a participatory model. Therefore it is a collaborative form of energy, centered around the local exchange system to promote joint management, sustainable development and reduce energy dependence in the national electricity system.

The CER constitution, envisaged in the project that the province is developing with the ènostra cooperative, will define the real legal entities that:

It is based on open and voluntary participation, and enjoys independence and effective control by shareholders or members located near power plants from renewable sources, the energy of which is available to the community;
Its shareholders or members are natural persons, small or medium-sized enterprises, regional bodies or local authorities, including municipal administrations, provided that participation in the renewable energy community for private companies does not constitute a basis for commercial and industrial activity;
– they can produce, exchange, store and sell energy from renewable sources, as well as share it among members of the community itself;
The primary objective of the company is to provide environmental, economic or social benefits at the community level, to shareholders, members or the local areas in which it operates, rather than financial profits.

The project will run until the whole of 2022: in addition to the partnership with the Inostra cooperative, the district is evaluating collaborations with universities, research bodies and professional associations that can be operationalized during the next phases of the project.

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