Ripple with Bitcoin in Africa | The Odd Couple from SBI Motors

SBI Motor Japan Starting today, it accepts payments in cryptocurrency. Heading an e-commerce site SBI . Collectiblesand specializes in the cross-border trade in used cars, and operates in Africa In other contexts you will benefit from the network that you provide ripple Low cost transnational money transfers. The cryptocurrency used will be Bitcoin especially XRPThanks … Read more

Cryptosmart Adds Cryptocurrency Exchange Service

Cryptosmart, the most innovative cipher exchange The 100% Italian company launched a staking service, which makes it possible to profit from the cryptocurrencies owned by the user by managing all the daily technical processes that characterize the staking activity, thus creating a simple and intuitive system. service mask It allows Cryptosmart users to make their … Read more

How to buy Cardano

Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2017 with the goal of sending and receiving digital money quickly and securely. For this reason, in a short time it has managed to establish itself in the reference market by climbing the rankings of the top-cap cryptocurrencies. Let’s see how and where to buy this third generation … Read more

Coinbase blocks Russian accounts

Queen Piece It will be in the process of banning the accounts of some Russian users, if they fail to prove that they are not subject to EU sanctions. Interested parties will have time Until at the end of the month To withdraw funds from their accounts or regularize their positions. The condition here is … Read more

Will the Bitcoin price drop to $30K? A new opportunity to buy BTC at a discount

A dangerous bearish rebound in the price of Bitcoin. Prices are once again close to the critical threshold in the $30,000 region A terrifying weekend for bitcoin, and more generally, for all cryptocurrencies. Over the weekend, bitcoin dropped to $33,350 before rising, though not much, above $33,500. Compared to the highs reached in Thursday’s session … Read more