Exploit forces Marvel Vive partner to suspend its NFT market

Tuesday viv, a non-fungible (NFT) marketplace for licensed digital collectibles, has been accused of exploitation, resulting in the theft of millions of gems (in-app tokens). The platform is very popular among major brands such as marvelAnd Pixar And Cokewho have chosen Veve as their official launch partner. In an official tweet published on Wednesday, Fifi … Read more

How to find out the value of NFT

Cozomo de Medici NFT’s personal kit, aka Snoop Dogg (Photo: OpenSea) The phenomenon of NFT seems to be unstoppable. open seaThe largest market, which reached $5 billion in trading volume in January alone, is traded by more than 500,000 users. Nft.Nyc, the premier global event dedicated to NFTs, gathered over 5,000 people in New York … Read more