Foggia Antonio Colabreco at the Conference of Italian Researchers in the World

Antonio Colabreco of Foggia was also present at the 16th Congress of Italian Scholars in the World, held on April 9 at the Italian Cultural Institute in Mexico City. Communications engineer, specializing in bioinformatics and research in oncology, Colaprico is a Ph.D. at the University of Miami, where he has signed important scientific monographs and … Read more

Data science, environment and artificial intelligence: the University of Calabria takes a step into the future

Study in Italy – in Calabria – but experience an Anglo-Saxon flavour. Beniamino Andreatta imagined it, thus envisioning the university he was called to found in the 1970s on the hills of Rende, a stone’s throw from Cosenza. It happened 50 years ago – now on the clock, the first academic year dates back to … Read more

Nanomedicines: A regulatory process is urgently needed to enhance its potential. Congress in the Senate

by Viviana Franzelletti Institutional representatives and experts identified priorities for intervention to facilitate wider access to patients. Starting with the need to immediately establish monofocal identification of nanopharmaceuticals April 13 Pharmaceutical research is in constant and rapid development and often goes beyond legislation and the regulatory system. This is the case with nanomedicinesProducts that use … Read more

“Bergoglio is not anti-market, but the church is asking questions about the system”

Listen to the audio version of the article “The teachings of Francis are not biased against the market. Instead, he is radically opposed to monopolies and oligopoly. Entrepreneurs play a central role in creating healthy wealth and its equitable distribution. Of course, the teachings of Francis are against the financialization of the economy. It is … Read more

Olfactory Harassment – Studies, Methods and Tools for Control :: Galatina

The presentation of the text “Olfactory Harassment – Studies, Methods and Tools for Monitoring”, published by ETS, will be held on Wednesday, April 20, at 9.00 am in the Marconi Classroom at the headquarters of the National Council for Research (Cnr) in Rome. . The publication is part of the Cisas (International Center for Advanced … Read more

Published call for teachers and ATA

Posted on April 15, 2022 In the Official Gazette (Competitions and Exams No. 30) and on the MAECI website at advertisement to Choosing teachers and ATA staff to send abroadFrench, English, Spanish and German. Call for Educators and ATA (DD 4815/359 dated April 15, 2022) The requirements to participate in the role service are 3 … Read more