Nft and Crypto, New Pyramid Tricks: Let’s not be fooled by ‘known faces’

When celebrities lend their faces to multi-level campaigns With a blockchain flavor (nft, the new cryptocurrency), They give legal leave for questionable financial phenomena. If footballers in the 80s faced aggressive advertising campaigns or door-to-door, which exploited the hierarchical system to multiply profits, today, in 2022, they begin to be a picture of multi-level 3.0 … Read more

Bitcoin and Ethereum fall, Dogecoin collapses

Wednesday evening Bitcoin It traded below the $45,000 psychological significance threshold, with the cryptocurrency market cap dropping 3.5% to $2 trillion. Major currency price trends Currency 24 hours 7 days price Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) -3.2% -7.8% $43529.71 Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) -3.4% -5.8% 3201.78 USD Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) -12.1% 1.15% $0.145 Coins gained the most in … Read more

Energy, Germany is rushing to liberate itself from Moscow. Plan: by 2030 80% of demand with renewables. But Russian gas cannot be touched

bundle of Energy measures to relieve Accreditation From Germany Come here Russian fossil fuels and access toReducing climate warming. The measures set by the Minister of Economy and Climate are green Robert Habeck, contained in a 500-page dossier titled “Energy Measures for Easter,” so named because it was signed before the holidays. The minister had … Read more

Ledger ready to support NFTs

Crypto hardware wallet provider Ledger has signed a partnership with Bright MomentsDAO NFT Gallery, to run Launching new educational content in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency for the masses. Ledger and education on blockchain and crypto by Bright Moments NFT Ledger signed a strategic partnership with Bright Moments, DAO developed by the owners of … Read more

Gourmeta also brings NFTs to the kitchen

is called Gourmeta, the new global restaurant NFT Marketplace powered by the MICHELIN Star GroupIt is preparing for its debut scheduled for April 11, 2022. Jorma, the new NFT restaurant idea jorma This is the digital market Combines unique experiences in exclusive restaurants with the capabilities of blockchain technology. Co-founder of Gourmeta Ionic It is … Read more