Modena, Criminal Justice Festival: Among the guests is also Bassetti – Che Cultura

“Science, Technology and Justice” Criminal Justice Festival returns to Modena, Carpi, Sassuolo and Pavolo The criminal justice festival “Science, Technology, and Justice” is back again, but it will also maintain its online usability after 135,000 connections last year. The third edition of the appointment promoted and organized by the Criminal Justice Festival Association will take … Read more

How to buy Cardano

Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2017 with the goal of sending and receiving digital money quickly and securely. For this reason, in a short time it has managed to establish itself in the reference market by climbing the rankings of the top-cap cryptocurrencies. Let’s see how and where to buy this third generation … Read more

The balance of the Latina Lido Triathlon Sprint was positive, in the name of recycling and renewable energy

A two-day triathlon with full respect for the environment, which started with bad weather and ended with sun. The fourth edition of the Latina Lido Triathlon Sprint, from this year called “The Green Race,” is on file. It is the name of the event that arises from the synergy between the official partner green model … Read more

Coinbase blocks Russian accounts

Queen Piece It will be in the process of banning the accounts of some Russian users, if they fail to prove that they are not subject to EU sanctions. Interested parties will have time Until at the end of the month To withdraw funds from their accounts or regularize their positions. The condition here is … Read more

Encryption for Dapp and NFT

How does an avalanche work?? Should you watch it? How and where do you buy it? These and many more are questions about avalanche (fax), the cryptocurrency of the decentralized platform of the same name that has been the focus of, for two years now, the spotlight on decentralized finance. Avalanche was launched in 2020 … Read more