Bitcoin, a trader has compensated the United States with cryptocurrency

Ross Ulbrichtmaker of the most popular drug marketplace on the dark web, Silk RoadHe has never received so much leniency from the American legal system. In 2015 he was sentenced to life in prison without parole; After that, he lost the appeal process and his request to pardon US President Donald Trump was rejected. A … Read more

Finland Backs Ukraine With Seized Bitcoins – Crypto World

Finland government decided to sell i Bitcoin seized by criminal investigation in support of Ukraine, By giving them tens of millions of euros. Finland, seized bitcoin is donated to Ukraine The Finnish government has decided to help Ukraine by donating 1,890 BTC that were confiscated, worth €71 million As decided by the Government of Finland, … Read more

Finance listens to investors, someone reports a scam – Corriere de Arezzo

Luca Serafini April 29, 2022 The promise was to get fantastic profits by purchasing financial products linked to cryptocurrency operations: the tempting prospect was to generate monthly returns of up to 3%, but some are clearly not far away. Thus, from the complaints and reports of some investors, the activity of the Financial Guard in … Read more

Bitcoin to a million dollars by 2030?

Every now and then a new prediction pops up Bitcoin will reach $1 million. Arthur Hayes expects Bitcoin to reach $1 million According to Arthur Hayes, Former CEO of BitMEX, Bitcoin Could Reach $1,000,000 by 2030 This time it’s your turnFormer CEO of BitMEX, Arthur Hayeswhich launched a series of predictions, including an achievement prediction … Read more

Bitcoin will explode in 2022

The hypothesis that during 2022 a lot will be circulating on the Internet Bitcoin price will explode. As it turns out, $69,000 for November may not be the highest point in this cycle. A lot is talking about it, especially on Twitter, including some analysts. It’s just a hypothesis, but it’s based on a consideration … Read more

Cryptocurrency, Fidelity Surveys Bitcoin in US Retirement Plans

For most investors, cryptocurrency is a typical short-term speculation. It may seem a rather strange element to include in retirement planning, on which the long-term maintenance of a standard of living depends. However, on the other side of the ocean, Fidelity Investments It announced that its second pillar pension plans, 401(k), may also include investments … Read more

Fidelity, Bitcoin Pension Plans

Fidelity Investment, the world’s fourth-largest pension fund manager, said Tuesday It will allow people to put a portion of their retirement savings into Bitcoin through their investment plans. Fidelity Investing and Bitcoin Retirement Savings Fidelity Investment Adds Ability to Deposit Part of Your Retirement Savings in Bitcoin Fidelity Investment, the world’s fourth largest investment fund, … Read more