Bitcoin, a trader has compensated the United States with cryptocurrency

Ross Ulbrichtmaker of the most popular drug marketplace on the dark web, Silk RoadHe has never received so much leniency from the American legal system. In 2015 he was sentenced to life in prison without parole; After that, he lost the appeal process and his request to pardon US President Donald Trump was rejected. A … Read more

Nft, what makes it a valuable subject

According to DappRadar data, In the first half of 2021 sales of nft reached $2.47 billion Compared to just 13.7 million for the entire previous year. Among the content for sale in recent months in nft format are Jack Dorsey’s first Twitter post ($2.9 million) and artist Beeple’s work (sold by Christie’s for $69.3 million). … Read more

World’s First Auction of Leonardo’s Hologram (and Nft)

A crystal box 72 cm wide and very high, ready to reproduce a three-dimensional image consisting of 671 million pixels, a definition that tends to extend to infinity. A special hologram, unique at the moment: “Portrait of a Strain”, a work by Leonardo Da Vinci She is also known as the “Beautiful Princess”. On April … Read more

How football explores the digital world

Consumer loyalty and consumer engagement In the world of sports, especially football، building loyaltybut above all to make it an active part of the reference ecosystem, not only by proposing new experiences, but by offering different and technological solutions, with economic repercussions that will have an impact, taking into account all the critical things that … Read more

Mik Cosentino, from swimmer to digital entrepreneur: “Nft is like social media, people will understand”

For some time now, there has been a word – or rather an acronym – “smelling” of the future, but very little of it is still known. The denied Irreplaceable Symbol – It is the newest and futuristic art form that mankind has had the opportunity to experience. Easy, so called. But behind these works … Read more