Let’s be clear. Interview Mr. Yasli

Having approached the issue of NFTs from a technical point of view, we wish to approach the non-fungible tokens by analyzing their financial and legal framework and the VAT system. There are many questions we put to the lawyer. Giovanni Ascilia partner at the DLA Piper Global Law Firm. To shed more light on NFTs, … Read more

Nft: The first band arrives and enters the music industry blockchain

Can you dance to the beat of NFT? The infamous Irreplaceable Tokens, revealed on the web in 2021, is entering the music world. Of course you can. I was actually born Nft’s 1st Division: Kingship, consisting of four digital images of monkeys and signed a contract with the record company Universal. If you are wondering … Read more

Nike unveils new NFT sneakers for the metaverse

Nike, in collaboration with RTFKT, introduced its first sneakers for the Metaverse: Nike Cryptokicks. The NFTs are available on OpenSea and are trading at over 2.9 ETH, equivalent to €8,500. Nike and RTFKT launch new NFT sneakers for the metaverse nike and the newly acquired NFT Corporation, RTFKT Studios has developed the first NFTs from … Read more

Nft, what makes it a valuable subject

According to DappRadar data, In the first half of 2021 sales of nft reached $2.47 billion Compared to just 13.7 million for the entire previous year. Among the content for sale in recent months in nft format are Jack Dorsey’s first Twitter post ($2.9 million) and artist Beeple’s work (sold by Christie’s for $69.3 million). … Read more

Mik Cosentino, from swimmer to digital entrepreneur: “Nft is like social media, people will understand”

For some time now, there has been a word – or rather an acronym – “smelling” of the future, but very little of it is still known. The denied Irreplaceable Symbol – It is the newest and futuristic art form that mankind has had the opportunity to experience. Easy, so called. But behind these works … Read more