Giovanni Soldini: “Renewable energy and efficiency. On energy we follow the lesson of the sailing boat “(by M. Garofalo)

His face in the sun and his hands big, Giovanni Soldini, born 1966, 20 years of racing, more than 40 races across the ocean behind him, winner of the Italian and Naval Medal of Merit, the French Legion of Honor, two solo tours of the world, always caring for the environment. We met him in … Read more

Climate change: what are renewable energies?

In any discussion of climate change, renewables usually top the list of changes the world will need to make to avoid the worst effects of rising temperatures. This is because renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy, do not emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Clean energy … Read more

Confindustria, Government interventions against costly energy are ‘insufficient’. Visco: ‘Depression is unlikely’

Milan – The Confindustria He returns to pressure the government to demand new interventions on the energy front. To tell the truth, the next aid decree that is supposed to light up next week is expected. Meanwhile, the study center in Viale dell’Astronomia is laying out a diagnosis for the moment: “War hampers Europe, especially … Read more

Morocco opens a green energy beach in the Mediterranean (by F. Carlorico)

As Europe questions alternatives to gas dominance in the energy field, there is a green alternative facing the southern shore of the Mediterranean. Morocco’s green transition is moving fast. It may be because it started more than ten years ago, when the National Energy Strategy for Energy Diversification was signed in 2009: a milestone for … Read more

Renewable energy, a new battery can solve the problem of energy storage

Every year around this time the Pacific Northwest region of North America temporarily enjoysAbundance of renewable energy. A torrent of melting snow is accumulating behind many dams in the area, as strong winds blow through valleys and drive wind turbines. But at the end of summer, The momentum of the elements is fading away. During … Read more

Thus, the surplus of renewable energies opens the way for disruptive innovations

On its maiden voyage of 3,200 km between Tokyo (Japan) and Kaohsiung (Taiwan), it was MS Purima Show that shipping and fisheries are ready for the fundamental energy transition. An industry known for using highly polluting fuels now has a competitive alternative. This is the first international flight of MS Purima Provides essential proof of … Read more

West strategies to free itself from Russian energy

AGI – After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the race of European (and other) countries to replace energy sources from Moscow began. The President of the European Union Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced at the Versailles Summit that By 2027, the EU’s energy dependence on Russia will end. Five years have passed and during … Read more