More useful to the president than the citizens. Four months of legal bitcoins in El Salvador

Exactly four months after Bitcoin was introduced in El Salvador, over $96,000 has already been stolen, through computer fraud, From at least 50 wallets One of the largest number of Salvadoran citizens. However, the security problems do not seem to cause a major headache for the authorities. Chief Bukele goes straight. He tweets regularly with … Read more

The first NFT restaurant was born in New York: You can only eat if you have a token

Buy artwork and clothes. Play video games or fantasy football. Buy, sell or trade videos of NBA players. And now he’s also eating sushi at a fancy restaurant in New York. The capabilities of NFTs – non-fungible tokens, a special type of cryptographic token or digital token that represent unique and recognizable digital objects – … Read more

Nft, what makes it a valuable subject

According to DappRadar data, In the first half of 2021 sales of nft reached $2.47 billion Compared to just 13.7 million for the entire previous year. Among the content for sale in recent months in nft format are Jack Dorsey’s first Twitter post ($2.9 million) and artist Beeple’s work (sold by Christie’s for $69.3 million). … Read more

Bitcoin is also behind the protests in Kazakhstan

The protests in Kazakhstan, sparked by the electricity and gas crisis, also appear to be related to a financial activity led by the state: mining of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. These activities, the complex set of technological procedures to create digital currencies, require massive energy expenditures, and the hydrocarbon-rich country, especially in the … Read more

How football explores the digital world

Consumer loyalty and consumer engagement In the world of sports, especially football، building loyaltybut above all to make it an active part of the reference ecosystem, not only by proposing new experiences, but by offering different and technological solutions, with economic repercussions that will have an impact, taking into account all the critical things that … Read more