Earth Day 2022 Reflections on the Energy Transition and Renewable Energies: Earth Day 2022

to me “Energy report from renewable sources in Italy“Recently published by GSE, in 2020, RES (Renewable Energy Sources) is widely used both in the electricity sector (they have covered more than 38% of total electricity consumption), and in the thermal sector (just under 20%) and in the transport sector (the relative share of renewable energy, … Read more

Energy plan, new government measures

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, in addition to causing deep pain and uncertainty about the future, has undermined already difficult economic and environmental balances in many countries. Rising raw material prices, uncertainty in economic markets, fear of gas shortages, rising inflation and rising bills that put households and businesses in crisis have a strong … Read more

Climate change: what are renewable energies?

In any discussion of climate change, renewables usually top the list of changes the world will need to make to avoid the worst effects of rising temperatures. This is because renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy, do not emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Clean energy … Read more